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Gov. Pat McCrory on Thursday announced that the state's unemployment reserve fund has ballooned to $1 billion, meaning that businesses across North Carolina will see the surcharges on their state unemployment taxes drop in January, resulting in more than a half-billion dollars in tax relief
In 2013, North Carolina's unemployment insurance (UI) program was in terrible shape. Like most states, North Carolina borrowed funds from the federal government to cover increased unemployment benefits during the great recession. The Tar Heel State owed Washington $2.75 billion. As a result, the sta
Governor Pat McCrory continued his sweeping reform of North Carolina's unemployment insurance program with the signing of Senate Bill 15 during a ceremony at the Gaston County JobLink facility in Gastonia
The push is on, both nationally and in several states, to raise the minimum wage from its current $7.25 an hour to $10.30 nationally and as high as $15 in specific cities and states. And let me say that I think it would be absolutely great if everyone who wanted a job could get one at a wage of $10
This year's short session of the General Assembly may live up to its name. Lawmakers return to the capital today for the first time since the historic 2013 session in which they reformed the tax code, cut taxes, enacted broad changes to election laws, fought back against Medicaid expansion and...