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The Washington City Council will hold a meeting on Monday, December 14, 2015
We've provided a lot of coverage to the saga of Gene Nichol, the alleged law professor at UNC, who appears to do little more with his six-figure salary than publish articles bashing Republicans.
John Fennebresque's friends and coworkers call him "Czar." That appears to be a fitting nickname, for his imperious exercise of authority was his downfall as chairman of the University of North Carolina system's Board of Governors.
Amateur Obama is in the City of Lights, smoozing with his contemporaries while "rebuking " the terrorist, and planning the way forward where America leads the world in defeating "those who would hijack a great, peaceful religion" by ending 'Climate Change/Global Warming'.
Governor Pat McCrory and First Lady Ann McCrory hosted an open house at the Executive Mansion today for people who contributed to the Rescue Christmas Tree located in the Sun Room of the residence.
As the filing period for 2016 elections officially closed, the North Carolina Republican Party (NCGOP) will field an impressive slate of candidates across the state to continue the record of economic success and oppose the Obama-Clinton-Cooper agenda.
Altha Cravey, a geography professor at UNC-Chapel Hill, issues a series of demands at Friday's meeting of the UNC Board of Governors before being removed by security.
Casting himself as an outsider who came to Raleigh to right a listing ship of state, Gov. Pat McCrory formally announced his re-election bid Wednesday with a heavy emphasis on job creation and income growth that are part of what he calls the Carolina Comeback
The UNC Board of Governors rightly recognizes gaps in its knowledge of the law - and admits its need for coaching on the subject, said Jonathan Jones, director of the North Carolina Open Government Coalition and Sunshine Center at Elon University.
However complicated you want to try to make it, the concept of free speech does not contain the right to shut other people up. Unfortunately, there is an entire movement of political activists right now who would not only disagree with my assertion but would seek to keep me from saying...
While the athletic departments at UNC-Chapel Hill, N.C. State University, and Appalachian State University prepare to collect extra revenue from the college football bowl games they'll play, a recent study by The Chronicle of Higher Education and the Huffington Post, "Sports At Any Cost," reveals...
After Roy Cooper's Non-Announcement Announcement, NCGOP Releases Web Video: "Better Than This"...
Obama continues to wage war on the US Constitution and to commit treason to that sacred document. No one says a thing and liberty is threatened.
At the start of the fall semester, a freshman student at UNC-Chapel Hill gave the syllabus for ENG 72: Literature of 9/11 a cursory look and, perceiving an anti-American bias, brought it to the attention of the College Fix, a conservative website. It then received a considerable amount of...
Ten years ago, the University of North Carolina began raising minimum admission requirements for all schools in the system. Those changes worked, helping to raise retention and graduation rates since their implementation. Thirty-five percent of 2005 freshmen graduated four years later. By 2010...
The average annual income in North Carolina is just over $40,000. But senior-level bureaucrats in the University of North Carolina system's General Administration (GA)-who take home six-figure salaries-say they need a raise. This Friday, the system's Board of Governors will vote on a proposed...
Governor Pat McCrory said learning about art is critical to developing the critical thinking skills that will help students compete in the marketplace as well as enhancing their next visit to a museum or gallery.
Governor Pat McCrory congratulated Michael Sprayberry on his appointment to the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) National Advisory Council (NAC). Sprayberry is the Emergency Management Director for the N.C. Department of Public Safety.
Governor Pat McCrory visited Stone Mountain State Park and UNC Charlotte today to discuss the Connect NC bond referendum he signed into law, which if approved by voters in March, will invest $2 billion in education, parks, National Guard facilities and water and sewer infrastructure.
Governor Pat McCrory visited UNC Charlotte today to discuss the$2 billion Connect NC bond package that will invest in education, parks, National Guard facilities and water and sewer infrastructure across the state. Of that amount, nearly $135 million of investments included in the Connect NC...
Governor Pat McCrory and First Lady Ann McCrory are lighting the Executive Mansion in Raleigh, and the Governor's Western Residence in Asheville purple Friday night to recognize Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The governor proclaimed October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month in North Carolina
It appears - according to some email that got sent out today - that Tim and Phil are concerned about how the search for a new UNC president is going.
In 2014, things at NCGOP HQ appeared to be all about Thom. This year, they appear to be all about Pat.
State Treasurer Janet Cowell's surprise announcement she wouldn't seek re-election left many wondering who should be the next "keeper of the public purse."
Today, Senators Thom Tillis (R-NC) and Richard Burr (R-NC) issued a joint statement congratulating Dr. Paul Modrich, a professor at the Duke University School of Medicine, and Dr. Aziz Sancar, a professor at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine
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