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Progressive critics of North Carolina's historic 2013 tax reforms are quick to seize on topline unemployment rate figures in an attempt to discredit the rate cuts. But a closer look shows that in fact our state has enjoyed stellar job growth since taxes were cut.
North Carolina residents could receive a larger personal income tax exemption if the General Assembly's 2016 short session follows the lead of state Sen. Bob Rucho, R-Mecklenburg, who has led the Senate's tax reform efforts since Republicans took control of that body
North Carolina legislators have been to school in the complications and frustrations resulting from tax policy changes.
I was having a decent morning yesterday until I saw the latest television ad by Senate Majority PAC, the same outfit that disseminated ridiculous claims about North Carolina's tax reforms.
With all of the attention focused recently on ensuring that North Carolina public school students are able to read at grade level by the end of the third grade, perhaps now is a good time to put forward a brief test of adult reading comprehension.
Taxpayers in every income category will save tens of millions of dollars because of state tax reforms enacted in North Carolina in 2013.