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First, we recommend that the Board direct the County Attorney to petition for Court Order 13 R 85 to be vacated. To leave the Order in force and subject the County to potential contempt of court liability is a potentially serious mistake.
On Monday evening, the Beaufort County Board of Commissioners voted to stop all spending and construction planning on the proposed new jail by adopting several measures in a resolution presented to the Board by the Stop the Jail Committee.
Last night, at Beaufort County's General Meeting for October, a majority of Beaufort County Commissioners saw fit to snatch away Commissioner Hood Richardson's constitutional right to his political speech to further their Authoritarian agenda.
It has become more obvious that the majority of the Beaufort County leadership offices are occupied by bullies.
Last week I sent you an estimate of the operation expense advantage that could be achieved by a remodeling the Washington courthouse as opposed to building in Chocowinity.
The Gang of Four, consisting of Commissioners Lnagley, Booth, Belcher, and Klemm, are proceeding to build a new jail as if the November elections are over and they won.
A group of citizens has filed a lawsuit against the Town of Chocowinity in an attempt to correct what the suit alleges was a violation of the law in the June 3, 2014 decision of the Town Board to amend the town's zoning ordinance to permit a jail.
Beaufort County Economic Developer Bob Heuts has resigned, effective June 25, 2014, as Beaufort County's EDC executive officer.
In a major development in the ongoing debate about building a new jail, the County received a letter today that advised the USDA staff of the Rural Development department of the USDA's state office that the USDA would not fund a loan to build the jail without a vote of the people.
The video clips below are of last Monday's (7-7-14) public hearing on the proposed financing of the jail/public safety center.
In conversations with John Nelms, Manager of Economic Development for Duke Energy, Nelms told us: "no one with Duke has made such a statement." He went on to explain to us that the Site Assessment was not going to address the issue of whether a jail should be located in the park.
The three conservative members of the Beaufort County Board of Commissioners, two candidates for that Board in November and the President of the Beaufort County Chapter of the NAACP held a press conference Monday.
In the ongoing saga of local government over-reach with a pinch of politician disdain for the democratic process of allowing the electorate to participate in a general obligation bond, Chocowinity gets sued by its citizens..
In the August Board of County Commissioners' meeting the board heard a report from its Finance Officer, Jim Chrisman, on the various alternative methods for financing a "public safety facility" now that the U. S. Department of Agriculture has refused to finance the project.
Beaufort County Commissioner Hood Richardson intends to provide his fellow county commissioners the opportunity to vote for three resolutions to move county business forward.
The video below shows the public comments section of the 8-4-14 Beaufort County Board of Commissioners' meeting
The Chocowinity Town Board will hold the fate of a 15% tax increase for all taxpayers and renters in Beaufort County in its hands when it meets Tuesday (6-3-14).
The Chocowinity Town Board Tuesday night (5-6-14) took a major step forward toward allowing a jail to be built in the Chocowinity Industrial Park.
The Chocowinity Town Board Tuesday night (5-6-14) took a major step forward toward allowing a jail to be built in the Chocowinity Industrial Park.
Grand Juries are required by General Statute to inspect the county jail one time each year. The Beaufort County Grand Jury did its duty according to their report dated June 23, 2014.
Lying is a tough subject for most of us to talk about. The absolute, unvarnished truth can cause a lot of trouble. All of us are guilty, at times, of not telling the whole truth.
Last week I told you how the Gang of Four, comprised of Democrats Ed Booth, Jerry Langley, and Robert Belcher along with the ultimate RINO Al Klemm were going to spend Beaufort County's entire savings, about ten million dollars.
I never cease to be amazed that there are residents of Beaufort County who continue to struggle to understand the jail issues. Some people are dedicated to the thought that every government and every person on the planet makes decisions based on facts, reason and logic.
We keep hearing that things being done by the Anointed One and his administration are "not legal".
The Southwest County Jail, after the final piece of the puzzle fell into place when Chocowinity's government overruled their advisory board on permitting, was a go.