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Amateur Obama is in the City of Lights, smoozing with his contemporaries while "rebuking " the terrorist, and planning the way forward where America leads the world in defeating "those who would hijack a great, peaceful religion" by ending 'Climate Change/Global Warming'.
Socialist/Democrat Bernie Sanders, elected many times and sworn to protect and defend a U.S. Constitution that he does not have the cognitive resources to understand, believes that the Second Amendment is about hunting game.
Ben Carson, a political neophyte, and former neurosurgeon, is proved to frighten hardened liberals, but the immutable question remains: Why?
Tethered in a warm embrace, this delicate waltz of Hillary B. and committed Democrats, may prove disastrous in 2016, and beyond for today's Socialist /Liberal.
In 1973, we discovered -- thanks to The Supreme Court -- that we have a "right" to abortion. In the last week, we've learned that we have a "right" to subsidized health care and a "right" to same-sex marriage.