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There are approximately 48,000 people in Beaufort County with approximately 32,000 registered voters. The Democrats control half of this number with the remainder being split between the Republicans and the Unaffiliated voters.
Washington, NC is the same as Washington, DC when it comes to making bad decisions, dirty dealing and subverting the State and Federal Constitutions.
While most Beaufort County voters are concerned about the way the new 20 million dollar jail experience has unfolded, I am not sure they know what the plan is.
Grand Juries are required by General Statute to inspect the county jail one time each year. The Beaufort County Grand Jury did its duty according to their report dated June 23, 2014.
Editor's note: In the interest of full disclosure we would offer the following introductory comment. In September, 1999 when Hurricane Floyd hit Beaufort County, we, like thousands of people DownEast, lost our home and much of what was in it.