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What IS a Republican? Is it merely someone who marks an 'R' on their voter registration card? Is it someone who seeks to protect the common people from the excesses of government bureaucracy?
Back in March of this year the Beaufort County Republican Party Executive Committee voted to recommend for appointment to the Board of Elections Dr Delma Blinson.
We've expressed our dismay at recent legislation - sponsored by a hodge-podge of statist Democrats, RINOs, and reputed conservatives - to extend the 35 percent credit for solar energy production for five years.
It took two-and-a-half years, but state Senator Fletcher Hartsell's (RINO-Cabarrus) campaign finance / ethics case is going to get some attention from an actual bona fide prosecutor.
So by the slim majority of one vote (4-3) the Beaufort County Board of Commissioner has voted to award design and construction management contracts of up to two million dollars for a new jail at the Chocowinity Industrial Park six miles from the county courthouse.
In the August Board of County Commissioners' meeting the board heard a report from its Finance Officer, Jim Chrisman, on the various alternative methods for financing a "public safety facility" now that the U. S. Department of Agriculture has refused to finance the project.
At the recent annual "planning retreat" of the Beaufort County Board of Commissioners one of the presenters, Dr. William Rivenbark, reviewed the financial status of the county.
The greatest cost of building a new jail at this time is the opportunity costs. A new school would be a much better use of this money and property than building a jail.
While most Beaufort County voters are concerned about the way the new 20 million dollar jail experience has unfolded, I am not sure they know what the plan is.
Last week I told you how the Gang of Four, comprised of Democrats Ed Booth, Jerry Langley, and Robert Belcher along with the ultimate RINO Al Klemm were going to spend Beaufort County's entire savings, about ten million dollars.
Recently, I was was 'honored' to be included on the mailing list of a Candidate Don Cox 'hit piece' mailer, where the subject of his misguided attack was myself and Keith Kidwell, but mostly me.
Liberals have long misused words to suit their needs, and often embrace the banning of some words to suit other needs. Semantics obfuscation is an important tool of the Liberal. Now, here in Beaufort County, nominal Republicans embrace the Liberal's tool of talk.
There has been an ongoing smear campaign orchestrated by the local RINOs of the Republican party that have long attacked the conservative members of our county commission: Hood Richardson and me (Stan Deatherage).
There is a deep schism in the Republican party, from Virginia's 7th Congressional District to Beaufort County, North Carolina, and beyond, where the truth from the People portends that the chasm will only widen.
Where was Stan? Why wasn't he out pandering for votes? Why did he not spend record amounts of money like everyone else running for county commissioner?
Beaufort County Commissioner Al Klemm, the acknowledged chairman of equivocation, expressed that he would 'not insult his Democrat friends', in any strongly worded resolution begging for their bipartisanship in correcting ObamCare.