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Governor Pat McCrory and First Lady Ann McCrory hosted a Christmas open house at the Executive Mansion today encouraging donations for animal shelters to benefit homeless pets.
An attorney and two Wake County voters have filed a lawsuit challenging the state's new law calling for retention referendums for justices of the N.C. Supreme Court, claiming that the referendum, passed this year by the General Assembly, does not meet the definition of an election specified in...
The final batch of solar and other renewable energy projects requested under the "safe harbor" law enacted in April by the General Assembly could cost North Carolina taxpayers as much as $937,804,785 in credits, according to aggregated figures released Wednesday by the North Carolina Department...
Saying the current plan is antiquated, a legislative agency on Monday recommended that the state scrap its three-tiered system for awarding economic development grants.
Pulitzer Prize winner Gaul examines elite programs in recent book... It's no secret that the world of college football involves huge amounts of money.
The U.S. Census Bureau just confirmed what everyone already suspected: North Carolina now has more than 10 million residents. We've been adding an average of 281 people each day. That's one of the fastest growth rates in the United States.
If you're thinking North Carolina is getting a bit more crowded, then you're right. State ranks ninth in population and is adding almost 300 new residents daily.
Obamacare's failing co-ops (consumer-operated and oriented health plans) simply reinforce the fact that government intervention in health care creates all sorts of problems.
However complicated you want to try to make it, the concept of free speech does not contain the right to shut other people up. Unfortunately, there is an entire movement of political activists right now who would not only disagree with my assertion but would seek to keep me from saying...
While the athletic departments at UNC-Chapel Hill, N.C. State University, and Appalachian State University prepare to collect extra revenue from the college football bowl games they'll play, a recent study by The Chronicle of Higher Education and the Huffington Post, "Sports At Any Cost," reveals...
After the Obama administration issued overreaching EPA rules and regulations which could cause electricity costs to rise and hurt families across North Carolina, Governor McCrory announced he would sue the federal government to stop the rules.
Dr. Bob Weltzin, Raleigh's Next Mayor today announced the official launch of a Spanish language version of his campaign website.
Governor Pat McCrory announced today that the State of North Carolina plans to sell two valuable, underutilized properties in Raleigh and Charlotte. The Personnel Training Center at 101 West Peace Street in downtown Raleigh and the vacant Charlotte Correctional facility, 4100 Meadow Oak Drive, in...
Governor Pat McCrory will be in Raleigh and Kinston tomorrow to sign the Connect NC Bond Act into law. The legislation will allow the people of North Carolina to vote on a $2 billion bond package to support investments in education, parks, National Guard facilities, and water and sewer...
It is Tuesday, August 18. Members of the Wake County Taxpayers Association (WCTA) sit across from Ken Bowers, Raleigh's chief planner, and Dan Becker, the city's long range planning manager.
In 1984, Jim Martin and Rufus Edmisten were opponents in our state's gubernatorial election. As with any statewide election, it was a hard fought contest, but one that can provide lessons for today.
That's the question North Carolinians should be asking our legislators concerning the budget they just passed. Lawmakers came to Raleigh in January with the primary task of setting a new two-year budget prior to the beginning of the state fiscal year July 1.
Governor Pat McCrory is thanking the state's first responders for the risks they take every day to keep North Carolina safe.
Governor Pat McCrory and First Lady Ann McCrory are lighting the Executive Mansion in Raleigh and the Western Residence in Asheville pink Friday night to recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Raleigh Mayor Nancy McFarlane cruised to a third term in Tuesday's municipal elections, and Charlotte Democrats voted to end the brief tenure of appointed Mayor Dan Clodfelter in favor of former four-term Mecklenburg County commissioner Jennifer Roberts.
Republicans' recent success in North Carolina politics can be traced in many ways to the example set by Jim Martin. That's one of the key themes of a new biography focusing on the state's only two-term GOP governor of the 20th century.
Congratulations are once again due Raleigh, as the city now ranks No. 5 among the top 10 culinary cultures in America, according to a recent poll from USA Today.
Tropical Storm Ana is scheduled to come ashore in South Carolina, under the current track. The track and intensity are still showing some variability, but at the present time the remaining low pressure system will pass near Beaufort County on Monday.
Could be a on again off again rain event this weekend. Sub-tropical Storm Ana is still moving around a little bit and some of the models are now suggesting a more easterly track towards us instead of Raleigh.
Governor Pat McCrory signed and issued a proclamation at William B. Umstead State Park in Raleigh today celebrating March 3 as the 100th anniversary of legislation authorizing Mount Mitchell as North Carolina's first state park.
In our "us-versus-them" partisan culture it is rare to find an issue on which there is unanimous consensus but Governor Pat McCrory has identified one. North Carolina has not adequately built or maintained its public infrastructure for decades.
As Republicans begin their fourth year leading our state legislature it is fair to assess how they and we are doing under their control.
They burned the American flag this week at Douglas Elementary School in Raleigh, not in any show of protest but as a symbol of patriotism and honor.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the honorables - and, in some cases, we are using that term veeeeeeeerrrrrry loosely - are back in town ready to run your life and spend your money.
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