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North Carolinians now have a lot of neighbors, 10 million in fact, according to figures released today by the U.S. Census Bureau.
If you're thinking North Carolina is getting a bit more crowded, then you're right. State ranks ninth in population and is adding almost 300 new residents daily.
One out of every three North Carolinians is a millennial. And those in the generation born between 1982 and 2004 will soon become the largest chunk of the adult population as well. But that doesn't mean millennials will play an outsized role in the 2016 elections.
North Carolina has transformed from the Pepsi Generation to the Pepto population. In 1950, the median age in our state was 26.5 years. By 1981, it was almost 30 and the N.C. Division of Aging and Adult Services reports it as 36.9 years in 2009.
The subject was compelling, the issue timely and the conservation was sometimes provocative at this year's Emerging Issues Forum focusing on teachers and the great economic debate.
I am a primary care physician with over 20 years experience delivering care in the Army and to North Carolina's Medicaid population, and currently run a pediatric clinic in Burlington.