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I got a call yesterday from someone - very familiar with the inner workings of the state House Republican Caucus - who had just read my item on Democrat Paul Tine's departure from the Democrat Caucus.
Paul Tine is now unaffiliated. UN-A-FFIL-I-ATED. Rest easy. Sleep well. Go on about your business. He's courageously gone off all by himself (favoring ObamaCare, opposing school choice, but caucusing with the GOP).
A Democrat named Arthur Williams represented the Outer Banks-centered Sixth District in the North Carolina House from 2003-2011. During that time, he was a good Democrat -- a good soldier for then Senate boss Marc Basnight and then-House speaker Jim Black.
There was a big hulaballoo about a Democrat legislator from Dare County leaving his party to register unaffiliated. On January 9, Paul Tine was admitted to the House GOP caucus.
Today I am announcing that I am changing my party affiliation to Unaffiliated. This has been a difficult decision as I have been a Democrat since I first registered to vote.
The races for only 7 percent of state legislative seats - and no congressional districts - are likely to be competitive this year, say two organizations tracking North Carolina voting trends.