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Governor Pat McCrory announced that more North Carolinians are already taking advantage of new customer-friendly options at the state's Division of Motor Vehicles. Online driver license renewals have increased by more than 2,000 to 6,500 issuances during the five days since the program's full launch
Governor Pat McCrory today signed a bill that will move both the state's presidential primary and the general primary for state elected offices to March 15, 2016. The governor signed the bill after getting an agreement from the legislature to make revisions to a section of the bill regarding...
Following Governor Pat McCrory's introduction earlier this week of the customer service enhancements at the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles, the Division is unveiling its innovative new mobile offices at the N.C. State Fair today. The mobile offices are designed to better reach remote areas and...
Some state government offices are currently experiencing service outages involving e-mail and phone systems.