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The rise of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2013, along with the massacre of nine black churchgoers last summer in Charleston, South Carolina, created racial hysteria and gave rise to an anti-intellectual movement that has now extended to American campuses
It is epidemic, it is academic, and do we take it seriously? Another, more salient question that begs to be asked: How did this pathetic behavior evolve to such a level of incredible ineptitude in such a broad swath of humankind?
The easy answer is a demonstrative yes, but the better question is: Why has the Democrat party embraced Black Lives Matter as a co-equal in their proverbial "big tent"?
Earlier this month the Department of Justice finally released a report summarizing its investigation of the Ferguson, Missouri Police Department. Some have denounced the report as little more than irresponsible race baiting. Others have praised it as a much needed expose of a rogue agency...
I was floored to see that North Carolinians actually voted to make their right to a jury trial optional.
News of the senseless, tragic ambush murders of two NYPD officers is reverberating across the country.