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Paul Tine is now unaffiliated. UN-A-FFIL-I-ATED. Rest easy. Sleep well. Go on about your business. He's courageously gone off all by himself (favoring ObamaCare, opposing school choice, but caucusing with the GOP).
A Democrat named Arthur Williams represented the Outer Banks-centered Sixth District in the North Carolina House from 2003-2011. During that time, he was a good Democrat -- a good soldier for then Senate boss Marc Basnight and then-House speaker Jim Black.
On Friday morning September 5th US Congressman Walter Jones released through his chief of staff a resounding endorsement for Mattie Lawson for NC House of Representatives for District 6.
A long-time Republican, Mattie Lawson has just announced she will file to run for NC House District 6 to strengthen the conservative base in the NC General Assembly.
Following a narrow defeat in her run for NC House Representatives for District 6 in 2012, long-time Republican and Dare County resident Mattie Lawson has maintained an active role in local issues of concern to Eastern North Carolina citizens.
Mattie Lawson, a candidate running for NC House in District 6, has won the endorsement of the Republican Liberty Caucus of North Carolina.
On April 14th Grass Roots North Carolina (GRNC) released recommendations by its political action committee, GRNC-PVF (Political Victory Fund), for NC candidates running in 2014 based on their voting record and responses to a questionnaire.