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We've provided a lot of coverage to the saga of Gene Nichol, the alleged law professor at UNC, who appears to do little more with his six-figure salary than publish articles bashing Republicans.
However complicated you want to try to make it, the concept of free speech does not contain the right to shut other people up. Unfortunately, there is an entire movement of political activists right now who would not only disagree with my assertion but would seek to keep me from saying...
Governor Pat McCrory issued the following statement after the announcement that Margaret Spellings was unanimously elected President of the University of North Carolina System by the Board of Governors
Gov. Pat McCrory's spokesman confirmed Tuesday afternoon that the governor met with "a candidate" for president of the UNC system at the governor's mansion. This news, in an email to Carolina Journal, came just as the UNC system released an agenda showing that the new president will be named at...
UNC Board of Governors Chairman John Fennebresque and Margaret Spellings, the top candidate to become UNC system president, left a recent "emergency" meeting of the board to meet with Gov. Pat McCrory, a source at the meeting told Carolina Journal. Fennebresque and Spellings were in a closed...