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Ben Carson, a political neophyte, and former neurosurgeon, is proved to frighten hardened liberals, but the immutable question remains: Why?
For the rest of us, who understand principled truth, Hillary has a rough road ahead, and, possibly, she did herself a great disservice in her FBI investigation, which may become a criminal investigation at some point for many reasons; too numerous to mention here.
Two weeks into the hearing over North Carolina's 2013 election laws, we have reached some conclusions.
It's truly disgusting to watch the drive-bys - the remnants of the so-called mainstream media - working overtime to whip up racial strife in an era they promised us, in 2008, would be post-racial.
The mainstream media is reporting that the Houston Independent School District will hold a job fair in Raleigh later this week. The folks from Houston promise on-the-spot hiring and a starting salary of $46,805.
Much has been written about the attorneys the Governor and the legislative leaders have hired to defend the Voter Information Verification Act (VIVA) against lawsuits brought by the NC-NAACP, the ACLU and the U.S. Justice Department. In contrast, to date, there have been no stories spotlighting the