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To make the Liberal case for extra-strict gun control minutes after the report of any public shooting, irrespective of any knowledge of assailant motive, is Amateur Obama's modus operandi in promoting one of the leading tenets of the Democrat Party - to disarm America.
Here are four questions for the Democrat Party ahead of their afternoon press conference on attorney general's push for additional gun control measures in North Carolina...
Socialist/Democrat Bernie Sanders, elected many times and sworn to protect and defend a U.S. Constitution that he does not have the cognitive resources to understand, believes that the Second Amendment is about hunting game.
In his response to the recent shootings at Umpqua Community College, President Obama made an impassioned plea for more gun control...
Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson and his wife Candy have just published a new book called A More Perfect Union: What We the People Can Do to Reclaim Our Constitutional Liberties. To illustrate the purpose and importance of the 2nd Amendment, they use a historical example...
Obama intends to ignore the second amendment. The states must stand up to him and the government and protect the people in their essential right to have and bear arms.
In June, a low-life nutcase loser took a loaded weapon into a church in Charleston, South Carolina and shot the place up. Instead of taking it at face-value as the horrible crime and tragedy it was, the left politicized the hell out of it.