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Amateur Obama is in the City of Lights, smoozing with his contemporaries while "rebuking " the terrorist, and planning the way forward where America leads the world in defeating "those who would hijack a great, peaceful religion" by ending 'Climate Change/Global Warming'.
On the front page of the November 28th edition of the Raleigh News and Observer the paper featured a report by Justin Catanoso, a Wake forest University journalism professor. The author expressed optimism that the Paris global warming conference would produce a "binding agreement to burn less...
A recent edition of the Raleigh News and Observer featured a front-page lead story by Justin Catanoso, a Wake Forest University journalism professor.
It was the only real question of the evening, and the answer is that all Democrat contenders are avowed Socialists except for one - Jim Webb of Virginia.
Tethered in a warm embrace, this delicate waltz of Hillary B. and committed Democrats, may prove disastrous in 2016, and beyond for today's Socialist /Liberal.
Last week the John Locke Foundation received a letter from three US Senators as part of a nationwide witch-hunt targeting scientists, universities, advocacy groups, and think tanks who are skeptical of or have presented any evidence that contradicts the alarmist line on global warming. The letter...
As reported in The Fayetteville Observer back in March: From 2007 to 2014...$421 million [was spent in the Cape Fear region] on solar projects. In the first 70 days of 2015, Dallas-based Principal Solar announced plans to tack on another $325 million worth of facilities in Cumberland and Bladen...
Dr. Ivar Giaever, 1973 Nobel Prize winner in the field of Physics and an Obama voter, argued recently at a conference of Nobel Laureates in Germany that global warming was a "non problem." According to a story published at
Granted, the "War Weary" case may be the reality for some; however, please understand this one truth: ISIS or ISIL (Obama speak) does not do polls to tap into the pathos of those that they subjugate, and "War Weary" is not a consideration for them.
What do you suppose ever happened to "Global Warming".