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Shortly after Commissioner Richardson's bold mover to make Democrat Jerry Langley chairman of the Beaufort County Board of County Commissioners, he discussed three agenda items; all topical, two most important, one very important ... at least for this writer.
In the last few years, the rights of students in North Carolina universities have received some significant new protections
Every year, my organization, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), issues its annual Spotlight on Speech Codes report in which we rate the speech codes of more than 400 of the largest and most prestigious colleges and universities in America using a red, yellow, and green light s
To make the Liberal case for extra-strict gun control minutes after the report of any public shooting, irrespective of any knowledge of assailant motive, is Amateur Obama's modus operandi in promoting one of the leading tenets of the Democrat Party - to disarm America.
Now that the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) has defied an audit mandated by state law, what happens next?
This report is an attempt to identify the scope and cost of regulations in the state of North Carolina in a manner more comprehensive than the surveys offered by business climate indices. By these measures, North Carolina's record is mixed in terms of regulatory burden depending on the measure used.
However complicated you want to try to make it, the concept of free speech does not contain the right to shut other people up. Unfortunately, there is an entire movement of political activists right now who would not only disagree with my assertion but would seek to keep me from saying...
The larger question may remain: Who is willing to learn, and intellectually expand their horizons to become better providers, better citizens and truer patriots?
Crafting a politically feasible health care reform that steers away from Obamacare's massive redistribution of health is more than a desirable component for any serious Republican presidential contender's platform. It is a necessity.
At a recent event with Harry Reid in Las Vegas President Obama accused conservatives of being inconsistent in their support for free markets. Why? Apparently because they are "not for" solar power. Here's what he had to say to the gathering...
In June, the US Supreme Court struck down a provision of the Los Angeles Municipal Code. The Court held that, under the Fourth Amendment's prohibition of unreasonable searches and seizures, "The provision of the Los Angeles Municipal Code that requires hotel operators to make their registries...
This year's legislative session turned out to be an ideological struggle, not between Republicans and Democrats but between two factions within the Republican Party. This tension goes to the heart of one's belief in free markets as the most moral and efficient way to organize economic activity...
Living off entitlements and scams is unfortunately what defines the modern day American Democrat.
The Supreme Court will have to clarify the implications of its Obergefell v. Hodges ruling with respect to the First Amendment
he price of leadership is that now you are in a spotlight for all to judge you---for better or worse. Freedom of Speech is a hallmark of America that lets us criticize until the cows come home.
The larger question may remain: Who is willing to learn, and intellectually expand their horizons to become better providers, better citizens and truer patriots?
After a week of finding out that firm improvement on the economy is still in question, and the punctuation on the Obama Foreign Policy, its qualitative question answered long ago, firmly in place, this Amateur President is well measured.
As an economist and a leading conservative, Arthur Brooks heads the American Enterprise Institute. He also champions an important argument many on the right shy away from: Conservatism is morally superior to any other political ideology, for it accomplishments have helped more people than any of...
Conservatives just helped oust a speaker who was okay with the Wall Street bailout, debt ceiling increases, and amnesty for illegals.
The Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman died back in 2006, but his ideas live on through the annual Friedman Legacy of Freedom Day. The John Locke Foundation helped mark that day this year with help from Dr. Edward Lopez, professor of economics and BB&T distinguished professor of...
This year's legislative session turned out to be an ideological struggle, not between Republicans and Democrats, but between two factions within the Republican Party. (The factions exist outside the GOP as well, but Republicans control the governor's office and hold supermajorities to make...
Governor Pat McCrory issued the following statement after learning that the Monument to North Carolina Women of the Confederacy had been spray-painted overnight.
On this Fourth of July Week, North Carolina is unveiling a new state license plate that recognizes the state's historic role in the creation of the United States. Beginning today, North Carolina motorists can choose a new "First in Freedom" standard state license plate for the first time since 1982.
Governor Pat McCrory issued the following statement recognizing the 150th anniversary of the "Juneteenth" holiday, which marks the end of slavery in the United States.
No one in authority has said why both houses of our legislature mysteriously, rapidly and overwhelmingly passed modifications to their 2013 election law changes or why Governor McCrory just as unceremoniously signed them into law.
North Carolina has a religious freedom protection bill in the legislative hopper. Apparently, our political "leaders" have been watching the fake news being generated from Indiana and have decided they want none of it.
Not too long ago, Gov. Pat McCrory and Speaker Tim Moore were telling us they could see no real need for a religious freedom restoration act.
Incredible. It is amazing that something that is sooooo common sense is having such difficulty navigating through the conservative revolution
As part of her effort make healthy eating look cool, First Lady Michelle Obama recently posted of short video of herself dancing to a hip-hop song with a turnip in hand.
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