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Today's updated numbers show that North Carolina continues to make significant progress toward meeting federal requirements for processing FNS (food stamp) applications and recertifications.
Counties across North Carolina continue to make headway toward the February 10 goal for eliminating backlogs of FNS (food stamp), with more than 1,100 additional applications processed on Tuesday.
In the letter (attached), the USDA acknowledges the significant progress the state has made toward reducing the remaining outstanding cases.
DHHS Secretary Aldona Wos held a late afternoon conference call with legislators to provide an update on NC FAST regarding the status of compliance with the USDA standards for Food and Nutrition Services (food stamps).
Secretary Aldona Wos announced today that, despite last week's revelation of an additional 8,100 cases in Guilford County, DHHS is optimistic that the state and counties have reasonably achieved the USDA's March 31 milestone.