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In response to Donald Trump's call for a temporary pause on Muslim migratithom-smokingon, the Senate Judiciary Committee declared on Thursday that Muslims living in foreign nations have a global right to immigrate to the United States.
"We have become so politically correct ... we don't know what the hell we're doing," Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said during a Friday night campaign rally at Raleigh's Dorton Arena
Pat McCrory, Roy Cooper, Richard Burr, and many other confirmed or potential candidates for statewide office in North Carolina have plans. They have strategies. They have backers, and staffers, and plenty of ideas for how best to win their elections in November of 2016.
Anthony Bruno has a thoughtful response to all those on FB who blast Donald Trump
As news spread about rumors of NCGOP officials discussing the validity of Donald Trump's candidacy in NC, it is critical to clarify fact from rumor.
Lately the media has made a huge issue of immigration, especially illegal immigration and the whole Anchor Baby issue.
It has been 2 weeks since the "Great Republican Debate" and the froth and blow is going strong.
A few days ago an investigative reporter did a look back on the history of businessman, Donald Trump
The prime example of Tax Avoidance is Wal Mart. Their recent and best scheme yet is their new creation of Shell Corps in another Country which fosters Tax Hiding of Assets.
Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Donald Trump have the drive-by media and the professional left in a tizzy over their proposals to end birthright citizenship -- the policy that makes children of illegal aliens born in the US legal citizens of the United States.
At this moment, political leaders and strategists in both the North Carolina Democratic and Republican parties are concocting the same kind of fantasy -- that they'll be able to wall off their state and local candidates from a potential disaster at the top of the ticket.
I have a theory about presidential politics and the 2016 election. It has the virtue of fitting much of the data currently available. Another of the theory's virtues is that it can readily generate a couple of plausible scenarios for how the primary season may play out among...