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On Friday, December 18th, the North Carolina Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC) tasked with providing recommendations to replace Common Core standards held their last meeting. All indications over the prior fourteen months of meetings pointed to substantial changes being recommended.
The Common Core Standards is a private and federal initiative to reform public education into one that spits out workers, not thinkers
Congressman Walter Jones takes action and relates it to his constituents through these press releases.
During his ten minute testimony, Forest expressed his belief that the Common Core standards roll out in NC represents a long term danger to local control of education decisions in our school systems.
Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest today announced his intention to create the North Carolina Education Endowment aimed at supplementing teacher pay in our public schools.
Today, Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest, responding to legislative action to replace Common Core State Standards in North Carolina, issued the following statement
From the standards grows an entire industry that seeks to make money "training" educators how to get students to do at least well enough on those tests.
Recently, I have encountered folks who blame the N.C. General Assembly for introducing the Common Core State Standards to North Carolina.
As students head back to high school this fall, they and their parents will quickly discover that much of traditional American history taught in Advanced Placement (AP) courses for college credit is being rewritten with a distinctive left-leaning bias.
Do other professions require their "best" employees to give up an accomplishment to get a raise?
The meeting will allow Sen. Cook to hear from his constituents on the recent implementation of Common Core Standards in the N.C. Public School System.