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Late last week, the Tax Foundation - the nation's leading independent tax policy research organization since 1937 - released its book "North Carolina Illustrated: A Visual Guide to Tax Reform."
Progressive critics of North Carolina's historic 2013 tax reforms are quick to seize on topline unemployment rate figures in an attempt to discredit the rate cuts. But a closer look shows that in fact our state has enjoyed stellar job growth since taxes were cut.
As the nation's sub-par economic recovery continues, tax revenues to state coffers are not rising as rapidly as in past periods of robust economic growth. Some left-leaning groups in North Carolina have attempted to seize upon this as an opportunity to criticize the state's 2013 tax cuts as a...
Likely North Carolina voters overwhelmingly favor a measure to restrain the growth rate of state spending. According to the April 2011 Civitas Institute poll, 67 percent of respondents support the ideas contained in HB 188 - which would limit the growth rate of the state budget to a formula based...
As budget negotiations for the long-overdue 2015 North Carolina state budget continue, the Civitas Institute would like to remind legislators and taxpayers about opportunities to save real money in the budget - which will enable negotiators to come to an agreement once and for all.
The FY 2015-16 North Carolina state budget has finally been finalized. Was it worth the wait? Rather than wading through 400 pages of text, you can read here about the ten most interesting and important aspects of the budget in this article.
This series, entitled "Cut This, Go Home," includes several budget items that should no longer receive taxpayer funding because they fall well outside the legitimate, core functions of government.
In the series "Cut This, Go Home," several items that should have been eliminated from the budget were highlighted to facilitate the budget's passage and to enable legislators to go home sooner.
On net, this year's final budget deal can be viewed positively by conservatives. Tipping the scales in favor of the spending plan include: a net tax cut of nearly $400 million over two years, allowing the renewable energy tax credit to expire, elimination of taxpayer support for the highly...
In 2013, North Carolina's unemployment insurance (UI) program was in terrible shape. Like most states, North Carolina borrowed funds from the federal government to cover increased unemployment benefits during the great recession. The Tar Heel State owed Washington $2.75 billion. As a result, the sta
North Carolina's so-called Welcome Centers are indeed a welcome site for full-bladdered motorists in need of a pit stop. And the available maps and tourism brochures may come in handy for curious travelers as well.
The doors to the Kannapolis Research Center opened in 2008, thanks to the funding of billionaire owner of Dole Foods David Murdock - and North Carolina taxpayers.
The North Carolina Zoo, celebrating its 40th year, is located in Asheboro on 2,200 acres of land. The zoo attracts about 700,000 visitors annually from all 100 counties in the state.
Indiana Jones made it look cool to be an archaeologist. What's not cool, however, is for the State of North Carolina to force taxpayers to subsidize an office that attempts to centrally oversee the archaeological projects across the state.
Proving yet again that corporate welfare is a bipartisan problem, four Republican legislators last week introduced House Bill 117, NC Competes Act. The primary sponsors of the bill are Reps. Susan Martin (R-Wilson), Charles Jeter (R-Mecklenburg), Jeff Collins (R-Nash) and Bob Steinburg...
Politicians love to use their power to dole out favors and privileges to politically-connected special interests. They also love to interfere with the economy, attempting to impose their preferences upon investors and consumers through a hodgepodge of taxpayer handouts and targeted tax breaks.
Gas prices fell below $2.00 a gallon in much of state this month, providing North Carolinians with some extra cash in their pockets to pay off those Christmas credit card bills.
Significantly lower gas prices at the pump the last several months have put more money in the pockets of NC motorists. But because of the adjustable portion of the state gas tax, lower gas prices would also mean less money to state government coffers. Apparently, some state legislators can't...
New rules by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) imposing unprecedented restrictions on electric power plants will drive up energy bills and cost North Carolina tens of thousands of jobs, according to a study conducted by the Beacon Hill Institute of Suffolk University and released by the Civi
Call it North Carolina's money pit. The North Carolina Global Transpark (GTP) in Kinston describes itself as "a 2,500-acre industrial/airport site situated strategically in Eastern North Carolina."
The Fortify 40/440 project is an NC DOT effort to re-build the southern part of the I-40 beltline. Naturally, a major highway construction project like this means lane closures and major traffic jams for commuters. In this case, however, it also means a waste of NC taxpayers' money.
Today marks the opening day for the 2015 "long session" for the North Carolina General Assembly. Legislators will confront many pressing issues, foremost among them will be crafting the FY 2015-17 biennial budget.
Last week, yet another study claiming that expanding Medicaid in North Carolina will create tens of thousands of jobs was released and dutifully reported by the media. The findings of such studies, however, are based upon a fatally flawed assumption that Medicaid coverage equates to access to...
Five years ago, in response to a groundswell of parental complaints, Wake County schools finally ended its long-running policy of forced busing. Wake had long been one of a few remaining holdouts still clinging to this failed experiment that disrupted so many lives.
The glitz and glamour of movie and television production in North Carolina apparently is just too tempting for several North Carolina legislators to pass up. Unfortunately, they are willing to use your tax dollars to bribe more Hollywood big shots to come to the Tar Heel State.
There's an old saying that says "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink." The phrase is used to emphasize the fact that simply making something easy to do does not guarantee anybody will do it.
This week's Bad Bill has a title only George Orwell would love. Senate Bill 354, sponsored by Angela Bryant (D-Nash) and Ben Clark (D-Cumberland) is titled "North Carolina Healthcare Jobs Initiative."
Wikipedia defines "pork barrel" spending as "the appropriation of government spending for localized projects secured solely or primarily to bring money to a representative's district."
Earlier this month, the NC House introduced the "NC Competes Act," a bill that would expand the state's Job Development Investment Grant program (JDIG), and extend targeted tax breaks for datacenters and a major passenger airline. Yesterday, the Senate introduced two bills designed as an...
Gov. Pat McCrory yesterday released his budget proposal for the next biennium. In odd-numbered years like this one, the legislature passes a two-year budget plan, and the following year will make adjustments to the second year of the plan.
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