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America's first amateur president in modern times, while America's first community organizer, has discovered a great passion to attack Republicans, and 33 governors, rather than forge a plan to deal with this "Jayvee Team"; whose very existence is much of his own making.
The much heralded Investigation of the Terrorist Attack resumes today, with Hillary B. Clinton testifying before the Benghazi Select Committee.
For the rest of us, who understand principled truth, Hillary has a rough road ahead, and, possibly, she did herself a great disservice in her FBI investigation, which may become a criminal investigation at some point for many reasons; too numerous to mention here.
Hillary B. Clinton is speaking now about her e-mails after admonishing congressional Republicans for their position against Iran getting a nuclear device, which was just after her discussion of female inequality in America.
Tethered in a warm embrace, this delicate waltz of Hillary B. and committed Democrats, may prove disastrous in 2016, and beyond for today's Socialist /Liberal.
Hillary B. Clinton, and her husband, Bill, according to her, have long been the political victims of the 'Vast Right Wing Conspiracy', and never more now as Obama's Department of Justice seeks her infamously scrubbed server.
Hillary B. Clinton, the curator of the Benghazi Cover-up, now must face the proverbial music that began with much talk about that 'despicable video'.
The Hillary B. Clinton Election may be in crisis mode, but many who know the law know that Hillary B.'s campaign is little more than the 'walking dead'.
Lawless Attorney General Eric Holder will resign today, leaving his top client Amateur Obama in a less defensible in regards to the long list of scandals that plague his administration, which well reflects The Amateur's poor ability to make wise or even truthful decisions. position
Amateur Obama, a Democrat president, who would not allow the word terrorist to be used in his administration during his first 5 years on the job, has inarguably lost the War in Iraq, and is now losing the World Wide War on Terror, making Americans less safe world wide, and here at home.
So good 'ol Hillary gets a shoe thrown at her. It missed. She was giving the keynote address at the Las Vegas meeting of the Institute of Scrap and Recycling Industries.
Almost every day we hear the Anointed One making some grand pronouncement about something or other. Invariably he is "backed up" by folks who would seem to be from the constituency he seems to be romancing that particular day.
Democratic congressional candidates Toni Morris and former state Secretary of Commerce Keith Crisco espouse similar political beliefs, such as the need to raise taxes while cutting spending.
The House Oversight Committee, who are also charged with discovering the truth on countless other scandals, which have swamped the incredible Barack Hussein Obama presidency, are tasked with the responsibility to accomplish this unenviable feat to know who is ultimately responsible.
Congressman Walter Jones takes action and relates it to his constituents through these press releases.
Congressman Walter Jones takes action and relates it to his constituents through these press releases.
Congressman Walter Jones takes action and relates it to his constituents through these press releases.