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Amateur Obama is in the City of Lights, smoozing with his contemporaries while "rebuking " the terrorist, and planning the way forward where America leads the world in defeating "those who would hijack a great, peaceful religion" by ending 'Climate Change/Global Warming'.
Democrats, from their President to their presidential candidates, intend to welcome 100,000 Syrian refugees, a byproduct of the Obama/Clinton "Leading from Behind" Middle East doctrine, and ISIS sends their thanks.
America's first amateur president in modern times, while America's first community organizer, has discovered a great passion to attack Republicans, and 33 governors, rather than forge a plan to deal with this "Jayvee Team"; whose very existence is much of his own making.
At the White House, November 24th, Obama meets with France President Francois Hollande, a fellow Socialist to our Hussein, and little was accomplished, other than Obama pledged America's undying friendship and that he is so 'looking forward to jetting off to the 150 nation summit of Climate Change'.
Two Muslim terrorists have been killed after storming a Freedom of Speech event in Garland, Texas. The event, held at Curtis Culwell Center, was basically a contest for cartoon depictions of the Prophet Muhammad.
Lawless Attorney General Eric Holder will resign today, leaving his top client Amateur Obama in a less defensible in regards to the long list of scandals that plague his administration, which well reflects The Amateur's poor ability to make wise or even truthful decisions. position
Granted, the "War Weary" case may be the reality for some; however, please understand this one truth: ISIS or ISIL (Obama speak) does not do polls to tap into the pathos of those that they subjugate, and "War Weary" is not a consideration for them.
Amateur Obama, a Democrat president, who would not allow the word terrorist to be used in his administration during his first 5 years on the job, has inarguably lost the War in Iraq, and is now losing the World Wide War on Terror, making Americans less safe world wide, and here at home.