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Welcome to Beaufort County Now. We have worked some very long hours to construct this ever evolving platform, and we hope that you will enjoy your stay here with us, and take advantage of what we have to offer. Please feel free to interact within our expanding community ... your community, and assist us in the building of a zeitgeist that will be a benefit for all who care to participate.

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And so it continues, and we should all be so proud of the "congressional adults" who passed spending legislation that will keep government open for the next 9 months without a congressional shutdown ... Or should we?
Shortly after Commissioner Richardson's bold mover to make Democrat Jerry Langley chairman of the Beaufort County Board of County Commissioners, he discussed three agenda items; all topical, two most important, one very important ... at least for this writer.
Here tonight, December 7, 2015, at the general meeting of the Beaufort County Board of County Commissioners, former chairman of the Beaufort County Board of County Commissioners, Jerry Langley, was elected to serve as the Chairman this night, and will serve until the next December general meeting.
On Thursday afternoon, just before the close of their business day, Stan Deatherage filed to retain the Beaufort County Commissioner seat that he has now held for 5 terms.
eaufort County is pleased to announce that Anita C. Radcliffe has been named the new Finance Director/CFO for the County. She will replace Mr. Mark Newsome who announced his resignation last month.