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Latest Democrat Victory: the Massive Omnibus Spending Bill

    And so it continues, and we should all be so proud of the "congressional adults", who passed spending legislation that will keep government open for the next 9 months without a congressional shutdown ... Or should we?

    I get that the Republicans leading both houses of congress, and by wide enough margins, do not wish to lose the opinion battle put so badly against them by the partisan narrative of theDemocrat Main Stream Media, which they will well explain in 'Group Think' terms to their fairly stupefied readership/viewership. These Democrat journalists will always project that limited narative, where it is/was the Republicans' fault that government is "not functioning as intended"; however, that is the way the game is played, and you should know that ... "so, grow a pair".

    Furthermore, the bulk of the media is partisan, unprincipled and fairly stupid themselves as they relate to a less than knowledgeable public that they helped create, so deal with it by being truthful, and bold by dealing with the issues that could metastasize into a public that is so bereft of common sense that this public would not deserve the Republic that sustains and protects them. In a leaderless society, where Hussein Obama has conveniently removed himself from that role, congress must lead, must forge a consistent narrative, and, to be blunt, passing an additional 1.1 trillion in spending to appease the Democrats, and please their unprincipled "journalists" - on ideological retainer - is not the answer.

    Until smarter, more principled people, of relatable words, can better educate that less than knowledgeable public, if, in fact, that is possible, you congressional Republicans best know that you will never win the media war of a government suspended-in-theory (the Democrat Main Stream Media's "government shutdown"). In the Democrat Journalists' narrative it is proved to always be the Republicans' fault when the "government shuts down". In my recent memory, when President George H. Bush had his infamous "READ MY LIPS" reversal, it was his promise to veto the spending legislation of a Democrat Congress. The early 1990's Democrat media, in unison, deemed any possible "government shutdown" as George H.Bush's fault, which contributed to the first Bush president to reverse his "No NEW TAXES" pledge. Then Republicans would not re-elect George H. Bush for a second term in 1992.

    Alternatively, Fast forward a few years in the mid 1990's when when Bill Clinton was president, and when there was a Republican congress, the Executive/Legislative impasse was deemed, by that same Democrat Main Stream Media, as Speaker Newt Gingrich's (they had to put a face on it) and that Republican Congress's fault. Ever since, when the governing of the United States has been put in this position multiple times, the Democrat Main Stream Media always picked someone to blame, and, "shockingly", it was always the Republicans.
The United States Capitol from the Arboretum: Above.     photo by Stan Deatherage     Click image to expand.

    So ... Republicans in all branches at the Federal level ... get over it, and "MAN UP". This is the way the Democrat Main Stream Media unabashedly does it ... and always will.

    By endeavoring to win the war by not losing the battle of not ostensibly angering these unprincipled Democrat journalists, so that Republicans might have a reasonable opportunity to properly message an American public of dwindling intelligence, ironically, in this "age of information", these congressional leaders are losing their principled base - the core of what is best of the Republican party.

    These congressional Republicans' ardent bipartisanship will win Socialist/Liberals key policy pieces that will embolden their low-information base in future elections, most notably 2016. These well meaning Republicans leading congress will provide Liberals/Socialists: more amnesty for illegal immigrants; more Democrats aborting babies - masquerading as the sole women's health facility - Planned Parenthood; a greening light to admit improperly vetted refugees from the war torn Middle East; more subsidized green energy while spending deficit driven American treasure abroad to educate other sovereigns of Liberals' concerns regarding Climate Change.

    Republicans in congress, while temporarily avoiding the wrath of partisan Democrat Journalists, you are taking your Republic to a place, where saving it becomes more difficult, and core principled Republicans become more disgusted, and despondent when they need to be more fired up to change the desperate path this Republic is on ... or are they so despondent, or just ready for a good fight against a proven unprincipled, and kind of stupid foe.

    If there was ever a time for a neo-demagogue, like Donald Trump, you congressional, bipartisan, Republicans have aided the ideological Liberals to create an environment where he would flourish, and, stupidly, you "well meaning" bipartisan Republicans do it at a time where we could use the principled media (like BCN, some talk radio and FOX), in this "age of information", to forge the better message of truth. Come on Republicans: Your constituents have a far higher mean intelligence quotient than the mean average of Democrats, coupled with the fact that the far greater propensity of Republicans are real patriots, yet you treat them as if they are subservient intellectual serfs that are the core Democrats that yo wish assuage.

    Republicans Governing as message to appease the Democrat media is the wrong path to winning over the best of Americans to vote your candidates into office, and inspire these patriots to act now to save the Republic. That is what leaders do. By passing this omnibus spending fiasco, you have put misguided politics ahead of your promised representative fiduciary, and, regardless of how establishment wonks might prat about what "legislative adults" you are, rather than correcting the problem, as was your campaign promise, you become part of the problem ... a big mighty part ... so, once again, "grow a pair."

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