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WWLD: Democrats 'say the Darndest Things' - Volume II

    Publisher's note (December 05, 2015): With America now demonstrably under attack within our shores by Obama's "Jayvee Team", ISIS,, as well as other Islamist Terrorists; we need to continue to examine how we were brought to this point by this weak and feckless president, and what can be done to stop him from doing any more damage to our Republic, to the infrastructure that provides safety to our citizens.

    To that extent, we have begun, and will continue to bring to the fore our best opinions to support this truth here at the top of our massive, and multifaceted BCN platform; however, please feel free to use our leading edge navigation and Search to find these posts at your leisure.

    Please also feel free to contribute your own opinions here and, or here as well.

However, it will most likely take an election, with the proper necessary outcome, before any substantive measures to defeat the evil of Radical Islam can be realized.

    These sad Democrats, personified in this post, are discussed within, and are part of a little used, but oft considered category here in the BCN Op-Ed section - WWLD (What Would Liberals Do?).

    Amateur Obama is in the City of Lights, smoozing with his contemporaries while "rebuking the terrorists", and planning the way forward, where America leads the world in defeating "those who would hijack a great, peaceful religion" by ending 'Climate Change/Global Warming'. Socialists, Liberals, and Co2 Nihilists are now dancing in the streets worldwide, ebullient that such great strides have been finally made, and thus enunciated on the worldwide stage.

    For the rest of us, the Obama administration has given us an economy where the rich are getting richer, while cronyism has become a growth industry. The Amateur president, at this 'Climate Change Convocation', boasted that somehow unemployment was at a low 5%, while an American workforce is mostly underemployed at part time, low paying jobs (blame ObamaCare, listen to Maria Bartiromo here), or have left the workforce altogether at record totals as the Labor Force Participation rate is at its lowest point in well over 30 years. To put a finer point on the struggling Obama economy, Americans are making less money per household than 10 years ago, while an "unpatriotic" Hussein Obama is on a run rate to nearly triple our national debt by: allocating large sums of public money to Democrat and RINO cronies, like Solyndra; employing vast hordes of Liberal EPA bureaucrats to boldly brag of destroying the coal industry, which has now been ruled an unconstitutional exercise to the benefit of politics, which is how Hussein is purely motivated ... always.

    Where Amateur Obama is not motivated is the defense of our nation against Islamist Terrorists; however, there is some improvement with the tortured Obama semantics, which was a monumental shift in the Obama administration's nearly 6 years of failing to utter the obvious, of now finally being able to freely use the word "terrorist", without it being deemed by Liberal 'Group Think' as politically incorrect ... Imagine that.

Obama's full speech and Q & A in Paris, December 1, 2015: Below.

    Regarding that 'Group Think', I have always wondered how the machinations of Socialist/Liberal 'Group Think' manage their amateur president. I just pray that they do not tell The Amateur to send in American troops into the Middle East, after so much Obama surrender, for their president is absolutely incapable of managing such. I think even most American Socialist Liberals get that truth, but still, ' Democrats often say the darndest things.

    Democrats, like Amateur Obama, say things like: 'the War on (Islamic) Terror could be won if the U.S.A. could succeed in lowering its carbon footprint'; and that the very recent murder of Americans at a Planned Parenthood facility was the equivalent to the many ISIS murders at home and abroad; and, remarkably that the fish swim in the streets of Miami on days of full sun.

    This is the Liberals' president for the last 6 2/3 years. Does he inspire any of you other people here in America; and did he ever inspire you?

    These are questions that you should ask yourself, for there will be more elections, where you will have the opportunity to vote again, and, therefore, make difference. If you feel that Barack Hussein Obama has let you down, and you need someone to blame; my suggestion: Go find a mirror.

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