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Obama Addresses the Nation: More Democrat Gibberish

    Publisher's note (December 23, 2015): With America now demonstrably under attack within our shores by Obama's "Jayvee Team", ISIS,, as well as other Islamist Terrorists; we need to continue to examine how we were brought to this point by this weak and feckless president, and what can be done to stop him from doing any more damage to our Republic, to the infrastructure that provides safety to our citizens.

Over four days after the San Bernardino Islamist Terrorist Attack, Obama addresses the nation.

    It was an address to reassure the nation, December 6, 2015, but succeeded in only reassuring mostly the core of the low-information variety of Democrats. For me, the address was mostly Democrat gibberish laced with ardent Liberal code words and phrases meant to rally the base, within their 'Group Think' construct.

    But, this is how Hussein leads and governs - always the candidate never the president - so there was nothing new here, and I, personally, felt less assured that America's amateur president has any real handle on the situation at hand, or meaningful understanding of the deadly and evil problem at large - he just talks ... mostly in coded Democrat speak.

    As a Conservative patriot, what I understood from the Democrat's president was that: Hussein has great blame for congress; disingenuous, fallacious straw man arguments (this was a big part of his coded speak to Liberals); 'Islam is a Great and Peaceful Religion'; and that we need stronger gun control, which is nuts when one considers that San Bernardino, California has some of the strictest gun control in the nation, so ...

    Don't expect much from The Amateur to protect this nation. His record of doing so is abysmal at best, as if his greatest concern is not to offend American Muslims, because most vote Democrat ... imagine that.

    That evening, after the Obama 13 minute address, my wife did some Facebook research, where she found a Liberal cousin state: "I am so proud of my president". This is the same "Save the Planet" cousin, who lamented after 9/11 that, "we should 'nuke' the entire Middle East" and she meant it.

    Of course, you have to wonder, did I query the obvious. I did, which, of course, was: "How does nuking 10's of millions of mostly Muslims comport with 'Saving the Planet?'"

    My wife's cousin, who is highly educated, and has a wonderful government job, is the core of the low-information Hussein Obama base of support, where style over substance is paramount.

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