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Trojan Horse: Amateur Obama Castigates Republicans

    Publisher's note (December 05, 2015): With America now demonstrably under attack within our shores by Obama's "Jayvee Team", ISIS,, as well as other Islamist Terrorists; we need to continue to examine how we were brought to this point by this weak and feckless president, and what can be done to stop him from doing any more damage to our Republic, to the infrastructure that provides safety to our citizens.

    To that extent, we have begun, and will continue to bring to the fore our best opinions to support this truth here at the top of our massive, and multifaceted BCN platform; however, please feel free to use our leading edge navigation and Search to find these posts at your leisure.

    Please also feel free to contribute your own opinions here and, or here as well.

This is far more important than Climate Change Mr. Community Organizer.

    America's first amateur president in modern times, while also America's first community organizer, has discovered a great passion to attack Republicans, and 33 governors, rather than forge a plan to deal with this "Jayvee Team"; whose very existence is much of his own making.

    And yes, it has been years in the making, beginning with the failed Obama/Clinton Doctrine that gave us: the Benghazi Cover-up; the Iraq surrender of won and controlled territory to appease Liberal Pacifists' ambitions, promised to join the fight in Syria if chemical weapons were used (Obama's "Red Line in the Sand" moment), and then did nothing; the ISIS filled the vacuum after Obama's Iraq surrender, and then he made light of their success, hence the assessment of our evil nemesis as the "Jayvee Team", and even now after a series of their successful terror attacks unleashed across the Middle East and Europe, he has the temerity to regurgitate the Democrat 'talking points' of Climate Change as the World's greatest threat. These few examples of his many staggering inadequate responses to the abject evil of our times, which may be the reason why most Americans, and many leaders abroad, cannot trust this Community Organizer-in-Chief as the president constitutionally charged with protecting our Republic, and who could lead the World to destroy that evil amongst us.

    From his explicit advocacy for a greater abundance of Sanctuary Cities to defying America's laws so he might unconstitutionally decline to "take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed", with the result to executive grant amnesty to illegal aliens. The only reason Hussein Obama does this is to gain political favor with one community while another one pays for it, and by doing so, The Amateur does not inspire confidence in America's patriots that keep this nation intact.

    Now, this undependable commander-in-chief will sacrifice the safety of our people by employing a disingenuous plan of inviting Syrian refugees into our country, as a major component of the reality of having no plan to deal with the cancer of ISIS. When this Socialist/Pacifist president encountered legislative push-back from 33 governors so far (both Republicans and some Democrats), and then congress, led by Republicans and especially Speaker Paul Ryan, he denigrated these politicians' safety concerns by joking about 'being afraid of women and orphaned children, when actually, history will show that it was Obama/Clinton doctrine's ambivalence to having a Middle Eastern policy, for nearly 6 years, that fomented this desperate human catastrophe for these Syrian 'women and orphaned children'.

    Hussein Obama's feckless comments about those who see the world far differently represents an attitude that has led to all three resigned Secretaries of Defense, most notably Republican Robert Gates and Democrat Leon Panetta, to take great public umbrage with Obama's amateur approach to acting as commander-in-chief. As Amateur Obama continues to subordinate our diminishing great power to the will of the leadership of far more concerned governments than Obama's administration, and still fails to act as is his constitutional charge, there will be further acrimony between he and patriots, and as Hussein Obama continues to politicize that division, his ability to lead will eventually become non existent.

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