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More Terror in Obama's America

    Publisher's note (December 05, 2015): With America now demonstrably under attack within our shores by Obama's "Jayvee Team", ISIS,, as well as other Islamist Terrorists; we need to continue to examine how we were brought to this point by this weak and feckless president, and what can be done to stop him from doing any more damage to our Republic, to the infrastructure that provides safety to our citizens.

    To that extent, we have begun, and will continue to bring to the fore our best opinions to support this truth here at the top of our massive, and multifaceted BCN platform; however, please feel free to use our leading edge navigation and Search to find these posts at your leisure.

    Two Muslim terrorists have been killed after storming a Freedom of Speech event in Garland, Texas. The event, held at Curtis Culwell Center, was basically a contest for cartoon depictions of the Prophet Muhammad. not unlike the variety created by Charlie Hebdo.

    From a historical, fact driven context, Islamist extremist use any excuse to murder anyone that does uphold whatever strict individual dictum they find appropriate, and especially if it is a Freedom of Speech issue, which is forbidden in most Muslim tenets of faith. Acceptance of Islamist's homicide toward people that are different is less accepted by most Muslims, but still, the argument that 'Islam is a religion of peace' is more accepted by other Muslims, or those with a Muslim education, like Barack Hussein Obama, than mainstream Americans.

    As Barack Hussein empties Guantanamo Bay of Islamist Terrorists, to placate fellow Liberals who embrace the concerns of America's enemies, I fear that America and the world will become less safe, and Hussein Obama's fellow Muslim sympathizers more emboldened to murder those that are simply different.

    Like many patriots, I lean toward the Constitutional right of free speech, all speech, while Muslim sympathizers, such as Amateur Obama, are proved to believe in limited speech ... depending on the speech, of course, and if the speech is agreeable to Muslims.

    While many patriots will sufficiently rally toward American values, this might be a suitable time for Liberals, like their Muslim leaning president, to have a reality 'gut check' as to what will continue this Republic. Will they embrace our United States Constitution, or the bigotry of murderous Muslims? It is a simple question.

My baby daughter just informed me about the South Park depiction of Mohammed that Comedy Central would not broadcast due to safety concerns, or, possibly, their aversion to the First Amendment, so I published an explanation of sorts here:

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