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Ben Carson Scares Liberals

    Ben Carson, a political neophyte, and former neurosurgeon, is proved to frighten hardened liberals, but the curious question remains: Why?

    I know exactly why Liberals, including the liberal media, are petrified of Doctor Ben, but rather than prejudice the remainder of this post, I would rather discuss what I sense of Candidate Carson's character and potential for success, and why I consider him on my estimable short list of most electable Republicans in the 2016 General Election. Maybe it is the electable Republicans that frighten the Liberals so. Just take a gander at the Liberals' own slate of candidates to understand my astute analysis included here.

    And there is the rub, the ultra liberal Democrat party has no one that they can count on to win the next election if Americans wake up to the real problems that face their nation. Joe Biden is not in the race, and truthfully, is just another Liberal, who has never done well when he has run for president on two occasions. Hillary B. is damaged goods, not electable by a principled electorate, while Bernie Sanders is a committed Socialist with no further aptitude, and chances are this old Socialist dog will never learn any new tricks.

    Ben Carson, on the other hand, is an original thinker, with brilliant cognitive abilities, who speaks an honest heart. Because of this unique cocktail of purpose, Candidate Carson transcends many things, but most notably, he transcends the immutable fact that he is not a practiced politician, although, he is now a politician.
Presidential Candidate Ben Carson: Above.

    And as a politician seeking the highest office in the land, he answers questions about issues, on nearly every subject. Actually, it is his new job after retiring as that extra-successful neurosurgeon: Making himself, his ego, utterly bare and available by telling the truth, as he knows it, and that truth scares the Liberals by challenging their specialized view of their world order. Dr. Carson goes too far beyond their limits of stereotyped comprehension, so the practiced Leftist is left dumbfounded, bewildered.

    It began when he burst on the scene, like a political supernova on February 7, 2013 at the National Prayer Breakfast, by challenging their political God, Hussein Obama. And continued on the varied news and opinion channels as his perspective was sought as a counterbalance to the status quo. His tone was calm and measured, but his message was powerful, and eventually, a call arose as a small request, but grew bolder that the man consider the campaign for the Presidency of the United States of America.

Ben Carson noticed at the National Prayer Breakfast: Below.

    When Dr. Carson acquiesced to that call, his professed truth spoke in his trademark deliberate tone, was scrutinized to the point of mass hysteria by the ardent Liberal and their tag-along partisan press, which inarguably makes up the majority of the national mainstream media. As the cat-calls of disapproval by these hysterical hacks, rose, Candidate Carson elucidated eloquently on the "questionable subjects" of: protection of the unborn and Planned Parenthood; 2nd Amendment right to bear arms; the end to Liberal divisiveness in Race relations; return to effective foreign policy; restoration of the military; realignment of entitlements; and so many more positions on important issues that do not fit within the stereotypical box prescribed by the Liberal for someone of Candidate Carson's colorful essence.

    A prime example of the Liberal media tying themselves into a ideological pretzel to challenge Dr. Carson on his 2nd Amendment position and his comment regarding the fact that European Jews, from 1938 to the end of the Holocaust would have faired better if they had been better armed. This 2nd Amendment issue and Candidate Carson's position on many others has offended the Liberal's sensibilities to the point that their core group think, as expressed by their mainstream media arm, is apoplectic, as evidenced by this GQ published image within a GQ post below:

   The remarkable thing here is every time the Liberals wax hysterical over something Dr. Ben says, his fund raising jumps and his pole numbers increase, as evidenced by his answer to the "Do you believe that Islam is consistent with the constitution(?)" question.

    Without hesitating Candidate Carson answered a sincere "I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation", but later qualified it. Actually, he was right and wrong in his initial answer, but when he qualified his position, he was totally right. First, as a freedom loving American, he can "advocate" whomever he wishes; however, as a born American, being a devout Muslim does not constitutionally preclude one from being president. Some will argue that has already been proved.

    When Dr. Carson was asked, he would not refute his comment and explained that he did think it dangerous for America to 'have any president put their religion above the rule of law'. And then, Candidate Carson explained that 'most Muslim nations do put their Muslim law above man's law, and we have a Constitution that protects religion and not placing religion above man's law, and then I realized once again, Ben Carson was right again.

    In closing, any summary I could give would be dwarfed by Ben Carson's noble comments to the National Press Club in early October, 2015. Fear causes ignorance or is a symptom of ignorance, and few are as ignorant as the liberal mainstream media. While this needs to end, and it probably won't, the 'Group Think' Liberal will probably continue to suck on their teat of knowledge. Like Candidate Ben Carson, I, too, am an optimist, and I pray that the nubile seeds of wisdom will find their way into their midst and the Liberal paradigm will organize their commonality of dependent thought into a more reasonable pattern ... Maybe one that is accepting of cohesive thought, moreover, where their minions might accept others, and may prove not so frightening to their Socialist sensibilities.

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