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Governor McCrory Urges North Carolinians To Stay Alert; More Flooding Possible Officials Watching Southeastern Counties

Press Release:

    Raleigh, N.C.     Governor Pat McCrory said while the forecast has improved, portions of North Carolina remain vulnerable to severe flooding.

    "This storm system isn't over yet," Governor McCrory cautioned. "People in low-lying areas and flood-prone regions need to remain on high alert, pay close attention to weather forecasts and follow instructions from local officials."

    Between three and six inches of rain fell across the southern mountains yesterday. Today, the southeastern part of the state could see between one and five inches of rain with similar amounts again tomorrow. Rainfall totals could exceed seven inches within the next 72 hours in some southeastern counties. Most of the state is under a wind advisory until Monday morning. Scattered power outages and downed trees are possible across the state given the super-saturated ground.

    "Our counties and municipalities are responding quickly and decisively to this disaster," McCrory said. "They are working closely with each other and their state partners. We've also integrated FEMA into our state emergency response team to expedite federal resources as needed. I couldn't be prouder of our entire disaster response team."

    Governor McCrory has also continued to be in close contact with Governor Nikki Haley, offering emergency assistance and support to South Carolina.

    A second weather-related fatality and two injuries were reported late Saturday in Jackson County when two vehicles collided during a heavy downpour.

    "After this amount of rain we expect to see ponding on the roads," Public Safety Secretary Frank L. Perry said. "But you often can't tell how deep that water is until it is too late. Vehicles can hydroplane very easily. Be alert and use caution when driving. Remember if you see standing water: Turn around, don't drown."

    Much of the southern half of North Carolina remains under a flood watch and there are flood warnings in many areas. Emergency Management officials are closely monitoring river levels, particularly portions of the Trent, lower Cape Fear, northeast Cape Fear, lower Tar, lower Neuse, Cashie and Roanoke rivers, as well as Chicod Creek.

    The latest in storm response includes:

  • Twelve North Carolina counties have declared a state of emergency in addition to the statewide declaration made by Governor Pat McCrory Thursday.
  • About 10,000 people remain without power across the state.
  • There are scattered reports across the state of downed trees and some damage to structures.
  • Approximately 50 North Carolina National Guard soldiers remain activated for storm response.
  • State environmental officials are continuing to monitor for any impact from the storms.
  • Local responders are working with transportation officials to monitor road conditions. About 60 roads have been closed across the state, including Highway NC 12 on Ocracoke and the Blue Ridge Parkway from Mt. Mitchell to Cherokee.
  • Two ferry services remain suspended including: Ocracoke to Hatteras and Cherry Branch to Minnesott.
  • Shelters are open in Brunswick and Cumberland counties (one each) and several other counties have shelters on standby if needed.

    Governor McCrory and other state emergency management officials have been in regular contact with Brunswick County Sheriff John Ingram to ensure proper resources are in place to respond to flooding.

    "Our agriculture community is likely to be the hardest hit by these heavy rains and flooding," Governor McCrory said. "We are continuing to work closely with state agriculture officials and vow to do everything we can to address the needs of the farming community."

  • Contact: Crystal Feldman

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