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A Response to All the Facebook Critics of Donald Trump

    I did not think he would run for president, and surprised he did. But, aside from being wrong, I believe I know Trump as well as most others who observe him from an equal distance.

    We can agree, Trump is full of himself, has a huge ego, believes totally in himself and the experts he surrounds himself with. Don't ever expect Trump to hire someone who cannot perform. Getting the job done right is all that matters and may be the driving force behind his candidacy for president.

    Immigration became a centerpiece in his campaign because he said what most were too timid to say, "we either have a country or we do not". Although the number of illegals has been consistently cited as 11 million, this number is from 2005. Logic would dictate it is greater. Trump''s bombast about deporting them and building a wall was received with a "can't do that" response. Trump doesn't approach anything like that, politicians do! This is why so many have gravitated to him!

    Our failed immigration policy has been bankrolled by business and other interest groups who benefit, irregardless of the fact low skilled, under educated Americans are hurt the most. Their concerns have fallen on deaf ears of politicians "clogged" with campaign donations.

    Trump simply said "they have to go", which struck a nerve no one else was able to do.

    One last comment on the political influence of the "pro illegal" cabal. I met with several conservative Black ministers in DC two years back that rallied against failing immigration policies who had deep concerns that many young Blacks cannot get jobs and saw a connection to illegals being employed in businesses they applied. I asked several ministers what help are they receiving from Black members of Congress. They said none. This is how bad it is, when members of Congress refuse to assist their own constituents! If you do not believe this, think of last time you heard a Black politician criticizing our failed immigration policy.

    Aside from immigration Trump has been a breath of fresh air on the campaign trail. Who else publicly stated what politicians would never say? Only Trump says a $ 5million donation is an up front "fee", with strings attached, payable on Jan 20th, 2017 by the next president!

    Trump said all politicians were losers, and all they do is talk and nothing gets done. Does anyone not agree?

    Consider the following:

    Public education is worse today than it was before the Dept of Ed. was created. There are more than 250 education programs and tens of billions spent annually across the country, yet millions of students cannot read at grade level and many annot add or subtract two numbers in their heads!

    Generational poverty remains as the 'war on poverty" is on life support and the white flag of surrender has been raised as the "war on drugs" has been lost.

    Crony capitalism has made the eight richest counties in the US the ones surrounding DC, while murders in many urban cities have become the rule, not the exception.

    Such disturbing news only confirms what Trump has been saying, politicians talk, yet do little to address the same systemic problems our grand parents wrestled with.

    Which is why Trump's slogan, "Make America great again" has resonated.

    Trump also touched on something no politician does, the donors who "govern" behind closed doors. While most politicians would not want to be seen taking a check from a donor and only appear with regular working class citizens, Trump calls out the hypocrisy.

    Trump also touched on patronage in DC. He mentioned ambassadors and other high profile officials are chosen not on merit or qualifications, only via networking among cronies! Patronage cripples responsible govt. at every level. The higher we go the worse the negative impact. Trump said he would never appoint a person who was not the best qualified. And I believe him.

    Trump openly criticized Common Core, the untested national education standard forced on the states by the Dept of Ed. using threats of withholding committed funds to states who refused to adopt. How many Americans know this? It never made the media!

    I even spoke with prof. of Eng. Lit from Harvard who helped develop the Mass pubic ed. standard, the best in the country. I asked her why did Mass replaced its standard with CC, and was told for $250 million! Media never reported this either! In total the Dept. of Ed threatened to withhold $4 billion if CC was not adopted, and 45 states reluctantly did!

    Thankfully parents across the country saw the problems first hand and are pushing states to replace it, as we are doing here in NC!

    Trump has said time and again, he is the best person to negotiate on behalf of the US. He has forty years of deal making. I know I would prefer Trump speaking directly with China, Iran, Russia or any nation who are more adversaries than allies, then I do Bush, Obama, Kerry, or Clinton! And you can bet whomever is our lead negotiator would never sell out the American people as we have seen time and again!

    Imagine President Trump sitting in the Oval Office and he learns there was a six month wait at the VA. What do you think Trump would do? Unlike Obama, Bush, and Clinton who all had problems in the VA, Trump would get on the problem immediately. He would fix a thirty year problem at the VA in less time it would take VA execs to call a meeting!

    To those 'afraid' of what Trump would do. Consider what is currently being done. For the 1st time in our history our debt exceeds the size of our economy, while Congress is spending $1 trillion more than we pay in, with nearly $400 billion paid annually in interest on this debt, rather than on govt. services. We are borrowing money to pay the interest we owe!

    The corruptible collusion must end, yet can anyone name a candidate running who will end it?

    We should all agree when the political establishment with a bankroll of $2 billion (Hillary, Jeb, DNC, RNC) comes after any candidate, his message is resonating.

    You may be surprised that Trump would not be my first choice. But unlike any other, Donald Trump would be a positive "game changer", long overdue! Thanks for indulging me.

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