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Hurricane Joaquin: First Report

News Release:

    Good Evening Everyone:

    You know when you hear from me three times in one day on Weather related issue then tighten down your seat belts it is going to be an entertaining ride!

    The attachment clearly indicates a path that will have the eastern part of the County subjected to 100+ mph winds with lesser winds on this of the county. I do want to say that there is still some variance in the models and the accuracy of the track is still a plus or minus 150 nautical miles. So there is hope the storm could still miss us. We are still in for a lot more rain and wind through Sunday as a Flood Watch remains in effect.

    We have all been through this before and we will take on whatever is to happen. The people of Beaufort County are strong and lookout for each other so this time will be no different.

    Stay "Weather Aware" and watch out for ponding water.

    John Pack

    Coordinator, Beaufort County Emergency Services

     1420 Highland Drive
     Washington, NC 27889
     (252)946-2046 Office   •   (252) 975-6802 Fax   •

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