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NCGOP /Trump rumors

News Release:

    As news spread about rumors of NCGOP officials discussing the validity of Donald Trump's candidacy in NC, it is critical to clarify fact from rumor. NCGOP Chairman Hasan Harnett said, "The press is trying to create a story by reporting rumors and hearsay. I was unaware of any staff meetings regarding Mr. Trump's candidacy in North Carolina. In fact, North Carolina State law already deals with the issue at hand and the NCGOP has no intention of restricting or preventing any legitimate Republican candidate from running in North Carolina. We will have a fair primary election and I welcome all Presidential candidates, including Donald Trump, to our great state."

    Under North Carolina State Law, the issue of running as an independent or third-party candidate may be a moot point. According to NCGS 163-213.6, "The State Board of Elections shall forthwith contact each person who has been nominated by the Board or by petition and notify him in writing that his name will be printed as a candidate of a specified political party on the North Carolina presidential preference primary ballot. A candidate who participates in the North Carolina presidential preference primary of a particular party shall have his name placed on the general election ballot only as a nominee of that political party."

    Contact: Kara Carter
            NCGOP Press Secretary

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