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Where is AG Roy Cooper? Volume 2

    News Release:

As Cooper Seeks To Engage In A Policy Debate, Stays Silent On Key Issues

    Raleigh, NC     In a campaign email last week, Attorney General Roy Cooper made it clear he wants to engage in a public debate about policy. But while the attorney general and Democrat candidate for governor made his support for Obamacare clear and attacked Governor McCrory in his email, he remains silent on many consequential issues facing the state.

    Last week, we pointed out how Roy Cooper was M.I.A. on Obamacare's 34% rate increase, and failed to join other state attorneys general in standing up to stop the Obama administration and the EPA's harmful new regulations.

    Where is Roy Cooper on sales tax proposals?

    On the campaign trail, Roy Cooper has repeatedly stated that legislators in the General Assembly don't understand rural North Carolina. But earlier this year, legislators proposed a consequential sales tax plan that would change the way sales tax revenue is allocated in the state, shifting more revenue to rural areas. While Governor McCrory and leaders in the State House and Senate have spoken on this issue, Roy Cooper has remained silent despite repeated calls from the NCGOP to take a stand on the issue.



    Cooper has said that legislators don't understand rural North Carolina

    "'I'm not clear whether they understand the challenges of our rural communities.'"

    "Cooper is urging state legislators to place more emphasis on improving the rural counties in the state."

    Has also said that getting rid of the rural center was a mistake

    "Cooper said it was a bad idea to nearly demolish the N.C. Rural Economic Development Center" (Craig Jarvis, "NC Attorney General Roy Cooper takes swipe at GOP policies," News & Observer, 1/26/2015)

    NC Senate unveils new sales tax, job incentives package

    "Senate Republican leaders rolled out what they said was a major compromise Thursday to address jobs incentives and a controversial plan that would change how sales tax revenues are distributed among the state's counties." (Colin Campbell, "NC Senate unveils compromise on sales tax distribution, jobs incentives," News & Observer, 8/6/15)

    AG Cooper Wants to participate in policy debate

    "N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper on Monday called on Gov. Pat McCrory to expand Medicaid health insurance for the poor, elderly and disabled in North Carolina, saying the governor was playing 'political games.'" (Craig Jarvis, "Cooper calls on McCrory to expand Medicaid," News & Observer, 8/10/15)

    NCGOP has repeatedly called on Roy Cooper to take a position on the sales tax proposals

    "Where does he stand on the sales tax proposal being discussed in the legislature to move more sales tax revenue to rural areas?" (NCGOP, "Roy Cooper Announces Campaign for Governor," NCGOP Press Release, 5/16/15)

    Contact: Kara Carter
            NCGOP Press Secretary

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