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The First Republican Debate is Over: What do you Think?

Are you extra-impressed by these guys? I am.

    And let me tell you why. I know these guys, these politicians very well, all of them. It is part of what I do. I am already impressed by the stature of these good people, and I am a very hard person to please. I do not suffer from the Group-think perspective, and if I ever did, I lost that years ago, so, accordingly, I possess clarion perspective, and I have long been impressed by most of these people, these politicians.
The Expanded Dais of the Debate Platform

    Furthermore, I am, however, considerably impressed by how well the debate was staged and handled by FOX News (which proved to be the most watched primary debate ever, viewed by more than 24 million people) and their moderators: Chis Wallace, Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly. My elevation of FOX could well be because their competition is so extremely unmitigated in their biased coverage for decades, which is best exemplified by the most recent presidential general election debate, where CNN's Candy Crowley rushed to defend her political hero, Hussein Obama, on the Benghazi scandal with false information, which she did apologize for the next day. The damage, however, was already done, because it stopped Republican nominee Mitt Romney from pursuing Amateur Obama to the metaphorical Foreign Policy Gates of Hell, an issue where Obama is pitifully deficient. Mitt Romney, a truly decent fellow, should have not only excoriated Obama as a liar and Crowley for her liberal bias, either way, Romney would have hit the bulls-eye. Mitt Romney failed in this regard, which may have cost him the election by playing too well the role of everybody's nice guy.

    Knowing what I know of these candidates, seeking to become the Republican nominee, they all, at their core, know that Hussein Obama is: the worst president in modern American times; patently dishonest; unambiguously dull in working intellect, and the worst foreign policy commander-in-grief, especially now as The Amateur channels his inner Neville Chamberlain. Accordingly: Hussein, Hillary, and any other shallow, liberal Democrat will catch it the hard way in any debate forward. Knowing all that we know now about Amateur Obama, and the abject stupidity of liberal media bias, I think Mitt would now take that fight to those that are now selling off, and selling out, our nation.

    While I am near certain that Governor Romney would do better this time around, I am certain that my favorites among the Republicans would take the hard fight to any Democrat; especially those that are dishonest, and not at all the sharpest knife in the drawer, and you can read that as Hillary B. Clinton.

    The first debate for the Republican nomination for the 2016 Presidential election satisfied my inclination that we could have a candidate of some measurable substance capable of taking the fight to a patently dishonest Socialist Democrat. I just need to know which ones, and who will be best at prosecuting that fight. Last night, while others may have determined who they were extra-impressed by, I saw what I needed to see. And while not overtly impressed; it is only because I'm already inspired by this Republican field of exceptional candidates, I am, nonetheless, well heartened. No national campaign will succeed in today's America, with so much profound stupidity unbound and weaponized as the Democrat's low-information electorate, will find substantial traction against the dishonesty of the Liberal if it is not confronted in a robust manner.

    Fox News, known by many Liberals as "FAUX News", probably performed at a far higher level than any News operation hosting a debate in recent times. Fox moderators: Chris Wallace, Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly did an outstanding job of managing the candidates to keep the discussion productive, while asking tough questions. In that regard, the moderators set the stage by asking this first question of current pol leader Donald trump. And that was not the only tough question of a Candidate; there were many. What was also interesting, to we political junkies, was the give and take between candidates here and here.

    Since I already know their estimable worth, I naturally know that these are solid candidates that care about all Americans, who endeavor to become a part of the fabric of productive America. Concurrently, they are pledged to keep America safe. This impresses me most and gives me great hope for our collective future.

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