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First Democrat Debate: Who can out-Socialist Bernie?

    It was the only real question of this evening for the first Democrat debate, and the answer is that all Democrat contenders are avowed Socialists, save one - Jim Webb of Virginia. In fact, Jim Webb not only remains the only capitalist, albeit quasi in a free market sense, but also proved that he was the only true patriot that stood upon that stage of 5 Democrat candidates.

    And sadly, Jim Webb just did not measure up to their Democrat demagoguery. The former Virginia Senator would not consent to: The racist divisive precepts of Black lives Matter; The Imperative Democrat essence of Class Warfare; The Democrat necessity of loads of Free Stuff (paid for by the productive) for the nonproductive Democrat voters; Unconstitutional Amnesty for Illegals; The Democrat truth of never knowing the truth of Benghazi, plus the overarching issue of this Democrat night - Global Warming /Climate Change - the greatest threat to our national defense; forget terrorists with a nuclear arsenal; and Amnesty for all illegal aliens, so they and their families will vote Socialist /Democrat. Yes, Jim Webb was completely out of step with the Democrat Socialist's principals of Lincoln Chafee, Martin O'Malley, Bernie Sanders, and Hillary B. Clinton.

    Watch the Democrat debate below to pick your favorite Socialist, your favorite non patriot, or maybe consider Jim Webb. Better yet, this might be your first time to consider the reality of voting for the better, smarter candidate - any Republican candidate.

    In truth, the Democrat debate was more like a Democrat infomercial, with Democrat Anderson Cooper, the liberal CNN moderator, lobbing softballs, with few followups, in CNN's management of this Democrat extravaganza. The end result pitted Socialist principles against Socialist pride in their organized attempt to double-down on their promise to their Socialist constituency to extend the failed Socialist /Pacifist policies of Hussein Obama. Take a gander at this Democrat 'Freak Show' below to see what I mean, and you will see my true assessment; only Jim Webb escapes to be rightfully construed as a Patriot, and as a non Socialist:

    I, we, get the message of these 4 Socialist /Pacifist as present so abundantly clear at this first Democrat debate: If you you will just vote for one of us over those 'mean-spirited, overly patriotic Republicans', we will continue 4 more years of Barrack Hussein Obama's failed policies. That truth will never be in question.

Here below is part II of the Socialist debate, click here to follow to where the remaining parts can easily be found:

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