Better Governing Now » Beaufort County Government's General Meeting Agenda: Monday, May 9, 2011


Beaufort County Government's General Meeting Agenda: Monday, May 9, 2011

b>The Beaufort County Board of County Commissioners Will Meet to Discuss the County's Business

    The Government of Beaufort County meets every month for at least one General Meeting to discuss and act on the county's business. Beaufort County employs the County Manager Form of Government, which stipulates that the board of county commissioners allow the county manager to set the agenda, and bring issues before them.

    The most important issue this month is the presentation of the Beaufort County budget for fiscal year 2011 / 2012, prepared by departing County Manager Paul Spruill. The manager's budget will suggest a 5 cent increase (about 10%) to make Beaufort County's government work at or near the same level of service that has been provided by the county citizen's county government. This prospective tax rate increase for the county's property taxpayers will comes just one year after the ad valorem "revenue neutral" revaluation.

    The budget issue will be at the heart of the May and June General Meetings as the Beaufort County Commissioners choose up which side of this issue they will be on, when it comes to raising taxes, or holding the line and cutting some services.

 Beaufort County Board of County Commissioners General Meeting Agenda
         Monday, May 9, 2011
   Beaufort County Administrative Building, Commissioners’ Meeting Room
       121 West Third Street, Washington, North Carolina

5:00 PM: Call to Order by Chairman Langley
       Invocation & Pledge of Allegiance
       Consideration of Consent Agenda

5:20 PM: Public Comments

5:30 PM: Roy Wilson, Executive Director, East Carolina Behavioral Health (ECBH)   -   Joy Futrell, Finance            Officer, ECBH    -   Leza Wainwright, Chief Operating Officer ECBH
        ECBH Semi-Annual Report

5:40 PM: Chris Hilbert, Holland Consulting Planners, Inc.
         FY 2010 CDBG Administrative Guideline Policies

6:05 PM: Commissioner Hood Richardson
        Temporary Inspections Permit for Church
        Beaufort County Hospital Update

6:15 PM: Break

7:00 PM: Public Hearing Community Development Block Grant Housing & Development Application
       Warren Wooten, the Wooten Company

7:15 PM: Paul Spruill, County Manager
       Presentation of 2012 Proposed Budget

8:15 PM: County Manager's Reports

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