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Hillary B. Clinton is NOT Electable

    Publisher's note: I wrote this back on March 10, 2015, when Hillary B. Clinton began her manifestation to correct thinking Americans that she was either patently dishonest, or stupid, or both, regarding what was her position in the service of our country, and on keeping and preserving an account of the people's business, even that which was classified, and was not treated as such by her then or now.

    As of this date, August 18, 2015, America, and Ms. B. Clinton, is discovering that independent Investigator Generals in the U.S. government. and even the state department, have determined that a minimum of 300 scrubbed-server-emails were classified, unsecured; the real story behind Ms B.'s lie that she had no classified e-mails on her private (public) is unraveling and may have put her in a position of committing multiple known felonies while secretary of state. A criminal investigation may eventually be warranted.

    As of this date, July 30, 2015, America, and Ms. B. Clinton is discovering that only 37% of America finds her credible, honest, and that now with most of the Liberal media still not pursuing the real story behind Ms B.'s self-serving public service, and the rich profits she and her family have deserved from such.

    Written, real time on March 10, 2015, while Hillary conducted her bare bones press conference relating her defense of her unethical behavior regarding her email co-mingling - now another scandal.

Ironically, it will not be Hillary B. Clinton, who breaks the proverbial "glass ceiling" to be elected the first woman president of the United States. She just is not smart enough.

    Hillary B. Clinton is speaking now about her e-mails after admonishing congressional Republicans for their position against Iran getting a nuclear device, which was just after her discussion of female inequality in America.

    Finally, once she got to the e-mail question, which is why she is even on television at this point, she equivocated her explanation as that she did not want to use two devices in collecting and answering e-mails when she became secretary of state.

    Understandably, I too would only wish to use one device as well; however, unlike Ms. Benghazi, I have a nimble enough mind (and I'm almost as old as Ms. Clinton) to realize that one can filter both emails on one device, unless the state department required the two device system for security purposes, and then, of course, she would need to use two devices.

    Wow! She just said that she would not give up her personal server for a forensic investigation. That server is owned by the People of the United States, irrespective of who paid for it, and Hillary Benghazi Clinton should be smart enough to know that at this point.

    If she does not, this elderly grandmother is not smart enough, or her mind, at her advanced age, is not nimble enough to realize the obvious, and, therefore, is not qualified to be president of these states united.

    Ms. Benghazi is not electable, and the sooner Democrats realize this, they might have a chance in 2016.

    Simply, Hillary B. Clinton is just not qualified, and one unqualified president per decade may be all this nation can stand.

After the Republican admonishment, and the female inequality in America fluff, this was the epiphany of weird that just got weirder as Hillary B. Clinton did not really answer any questions, except to say 'hands off my server'.

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