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Is Black Lives Matter racist?

The easy answer is a demonstrative yes, but the better question is: Why has the Democrat party embraced Black Lives Matter as a co-equal in their proverbial "big tent"?

    After the racial unrest of Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore, Maryland, stemming from events where young Black men have lost their lives when arrested, Black Lives Matter has, ironically, become the racist spokespeople for the promulgation of innocent police officers being gunned down in retaliation for all transgressions - real and imagined. I can't remember a time, in America, when this level of police officers were and are indiscriminately executed, an advocacy of Black Lives Matter.

    "Pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon" - screams a marching contingency of Black Lives Matter through the streets surrounding the Minnesota State Fair. The Democrat party, led by their Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz tacitly endorses this position by proxy as they have only recently endorsed Black Lives Matter, and their bizarrely racist behavior.

    To further punctuate this Democrat position on identifying with all counter-culture positions that support their low-information base, we continue to use the ironically racist Black Lives Matter as a prime example of, and how they politically manhandle leading Democrats into submission. These positions prove that all serious Democrats, seeking national office, are dominated more by the political weight of the racist low-information voter, than ever being beholden to the principles of a decent society of good people.

    Our first example is Presidential Candidate Martin O'Malley being interrupted by the low-information, racist Black Lives Matter, when he made the mistake of addressing that "all lives matter", rather than just the preferred Black lives of the racist group. If you watch the entirety of the video of this pathetic display of discourse, you will notice the former Maryland Governor's supplication, but it was not enough to satisfy these mental midgets' Democrat wrath, hence, the need for O'Malley to further apologize for regarding the lives of others.

    Our second example is of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, Democrat/Independent/Socialist, giving up the stage, his microphone, his message to the racist activists of Black Lives Matter.

    Now, if you think that the Black Lives Matter group could solely be responsible for all executions, there is no proof of such; however, they do have a responsibility to denounce those that advocate the murderous executions that have already happened. They will be known as far worse than a racist institution ... I think the vernacular is Accessory. For instance, one of their associates put out this bit of terrible information, a call for egregious violence against innocents. Reminds me of ISIS. How about you?

    And still, the Democrat party, from the aforementioned DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, to former DOJ Head Eric Holder, to Barack Hussein Obama, they seem to all be extremely supportive of the advocates of Black Lives Matter, and their racist behavior. It does make one consider: Does the Democrat party need Americans divided by race to remain viable, since, the Democrat party has no real message to sustain the Republic?

    Possibly, the larger question may become, and will remain: Why do the Democrats promote racism rather than patriotism in these tremulous times? Any success by the Democrat party going forward will be, moreover, a statement of who we are as Americans, rather than the success of the Democrats' message.

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