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Two Sets of Videos That Represent the Core of Today's Democrat Party

    There are two sets of videos that are fully representative of today's Democrat Party making their appointed rounds, and, remarkably, at their core, well represents what it means to suffer from the condition known as Liberal. These sets of videos: one set (usually more than one set is created by principle, whether distributed or not) was created by Liberals to speak to their lowest information voters; the second set, created by those that infiltrated one of the core bastions of the Democrat's four-square box of liberal 'group think' - Abortion on Demand.

    First, let's get the second set out of the way, since I started this post before Diane Rufino's in depth article dealt well with the Liberal angst of what to do with the inconvenience of pregnancy. Diane's post exhibits her usual well crafted understanding, with the aid of multiple videos on the Planned Parenthood Democrat debacle. It is a sorry mess; a mess made of low morals, forgotten principles and an inhuman quality that is condoned at the expense of human life; a Democrat surety for the success of the party, and that is good enough for the 'Party of the Big Tent', the party where policies and practice 'evolves' ... evolved into what is hideous. This is how the Democrat party rationalizes this subhuman behavior; all disparate groups are allowed to wallow in their particular special interest, then everyone stays loyal to that precept, their party; no one strays.

    Possibly, I am wrong to ascribe all of this horror to one party, and within that party an abusive intellect of gender promotion over conventional human mores; however, the future of my Republic, our Republic hangs in the balance. So, I care, even if the Democrats are well proved that they do not; and if I am wrong, tell me the wrong of it, and do it well enough so normal folk can understand it.

    Concurrently, normal folk, who are not easily seduced by contrived popular opinion, will never understand the reasoning of the next set of videos, at least the one I saw here: Celebrities parroting Hussein Obama's inner Neville Chamberlain, as if these celebrity's cool factor will conveniently 'paper over' the real world events that are quantifiable as truth in these very dangerous times.

    The real truth of the Iran Nuclear Enrichment Deal is that America and the free world had their metaphorical boot on the throats of the Iran's economy: The Mullahs, of the Islamist Fundamentalists of death and destruction to America and Israel fame, were losing in their domestic theater of a suffering people, and now they are these Islamist Obama made heroes. They struck a deal with a pathetic American president, who stupidly had the poor sense to publicly profess to his adversaries -the Mullahs - that military action was off the negotiating table (and Hussein meant it), then Amatuer Obama cuts the deal for the Islamist to get nuclear enrichment in ten to fifteen years, but has the temerity to promise that he just saved us from war. And every idiot in his administration, and there are many, from John Kerry on down, are parroting his banal assessment. Enter the celebrities, who prove, in their every action in this video here.

    It is enough to make any real patriot sick to their stomach. What is even more sickening is the collection of whatever celebrities could be found to parrot Amateur Obama's sophistic rhetoric, and thus relinquish whatever tiny measure of self-respect that they might still possess. This is not unusual for these Hollywood cloistered celebrities to be so far out of their intellectual element on complex issues so poorly handled by their Liberal, and rather dishonest, champions. Regardless of Hussein's confirmed amateur status as a World leader, he still has enough cool factor for these muddle headed celebrities to publicly ingratiate themselves.

    Now, here is where this all gets sticky for The Amateur: The deal is so bad with these Iranian Islamist that even these very impressionable Democrat congress people, many of whom may buck the 'big tent' 'group-think', celebrity advice, and could rebuff the sophistic negotiations of President Hussein. If that occurs, it will take a two thirds congressional vote in both houses to override Amateur Obama's promised veto of congress's rebuke of this very stupid deal. It still could happen.

    It will be interesting to witness how this all plays out: Will the patriots of our Republic prevail, or will the group-think pablum of a pitiable party persevere over all wisdom, all good common sense?

    It is time for America's real patriots to step to the fore. Our Republic hangs in the balance. Don't be timid when so much is at stake.

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