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Who Most Needs to be Educated in this Land?

The short answer is most everyone, but, of course, some more than others if they are willing.

    The larger question may remain: Who is willing to learn, and intellectually expand their horizons to become better providers, better citizens and truer patriots?

    If you trust that more education within the Education Industry paradigm is your sole answer, you are incontrovertibly mistaken. The education industry platform can be an outstanding resource, but will never suffice as a sole source for greater intelligence, wisdom, and may even become counterproductive if not self-managed due to so much of the purpose of education made for desired effect of indoctrination.

    Consequently, the best source for serious intellectuals-in-training is to keep one's eyes open, one's heart full, one's spirit curious, but within limits, and remain energetic, especially where it pertains to personal industry and growth of intellect, wisdom and spirit. There are other worthy foundations to base one's growth, but for me, and others like me, this is where we begin to discover the core within the acquisition mechanism for innate knowledge. This is where we become what we know at our essential core, and practice it daily.

    Life experiences, learned while in the challenge of devising excellence from the mediocre, which is the predominant attitude in today's America, in fact in many areas of our society, mediocre is rewarded if attached to the proper local political paradigm.

    Cronyism has become not only an operative facility toward acquiring success, it has become the dominant path in some business communities, and in many instances a well connected Education Industry is not only a participant, but an enabler. I see it on a daily basis, and I see it clearly, and in an arguable sense.

    The problem is that we have become a nation of salesmen, marketers, bundlers of service, schmoozers, every-day-politicians, sporadic hypocrites and sometime liars, and why. Simply, because few people manufacture real products in America, where building something innovative, and well is the essence of any truth, and rather, these cronies of the current business class, of the political center of schmooze, are more likely, instead, to manufacture the truth as if it were a real product. Such institutional sophistry, and well celebrated by the crony class.

    This is a reality that is so prevalent, it has become an absolute truth that cronyism is at an all time high in America. Unfortunately, tax-payer funded local government's economic development enables this corrosive behavior. From a moral community sense, this poorly considered policy will eventually destroy America's ability to compete on the world stage, since, in today's America, natural market forces are severely abridged by cronyism.

    So, just where does the Education Industry fit in to this chronic cronyism (from a political sense - both Democrats and Republicans are at fault), that will, if unabated, destroy America's ability to compete. The Education Industry may be the original political cronies, often rewarding politically correct mediocrity in policy and performance of personnel over excellence. In some cases, some collegiate departments make little attempt to put their students in a position to gain employment, and at some point, I will probably give specific examples of such. Warning: This is not an idle threat.

    As I begin, with the help of competent associates, the business component of selling what we have manufactured, I will be extremely cognizant of cronyism in business, the Education Industry, politics; because, I know of its corrosive properties, that it is un-American, and it is just plain stupid.

    To correct such, we, at BCN, who are patriots for American capitalism of free market forces, will challenge the status quo of cronyism, and with our 35,000 readers per day hungry for truth, I do believe we'll make this an educational experience.

    So, I ask again: Who most needs to be educated in this land?

    We will let you know.

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