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Obama's 'Vast Right Wing Conspiracy' Closes in on Hillary B.

October 22nd is the ominous date when the scandal plagued, and honesty challenged former First Lady has her first appearance before the Benghazi Select Committee. Hillary B. will testify while under oath.

    Hillary B. Clinton, and her husband, Bill, according to her, have long been the political victims of the 'Vast Right Wing Conspiracy', and never more now as Obama's Department of Justice seeks her infamously scrubbed server. The once defiant grandmother, uttering technologically incoherent words in a press conference at the United Nations, on March 10, 2015, about her private e-mail and her server and other such babble, will now relinquish her server, which she intentionally damaged to hide all data, to the FBI for whatever analysis that they now can conclude at this late date.

    Obama's justice department, a department that has ignored subpoenas from congress, and has been found in unmitigated Contempt by a Republican House of Representatives when The corruptible Eric Holder was attorney general, is, by all initial impressions, working to resolve a matter that became news in early March, 2015. At that time, Hillary B. Clinton used the Benghazi defense, that this story was 'old news', and a 'Republican obsession', and like the Benghazi terrorist attack, should be forgotten as a matter for her convenience.

    When independent Inspector Generals investigated just a fraction of the first tranche of Clinton selected e-mails, and found 4 e-mails to be classified, and two of the four e-mails to be Top Secret, this became a disturbing truth that Hillary B. Clinton had, as Secretary of State, compromised national security while breaking all the governments ethics and security rules to keep control over the narrative of her failed tenure as secretary of state.

    More on this miscarriage of abhorrent ethical behavior later, and how the 'Rule of Law should never apply to the Clintons'.

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