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Hillary B. Clinton Camp in Crisis Mode

Could the current iteration of the Clinton campaign be dumbfounded by their leader's past misconduct, and fearful that Vice President Joe Biden could steal their Democrat show, and upset their possible feminist coronation?

    The Hillary B. Clinton Election may be in crisis mode, but many who know the law know that Hillary B.'s campaign is little more than the 'walking dead'. It is only a matter of time, unless this corrupt Democrat president comes to her rescue, and that does not appear to be the case right now, and I have a few ideas why, but we'll get to that later.

    But now, let us discuss the reality of a Hillary B. Clinton run for the 'highest office in the land', and why it is not working right now, and probable that it is over as a serious candidate. One could argue that her campaign has been terribly mismanaged, but that would be a gross understatement. Hillary B's problem of election viability could be more a condition of character rather than of campaign logistics. The Clinton mystique that the rules of common ethics does not apply, has worn thin with the thinking American public, who refuse to be ensnared in the cult of personality. Democrats now sense that the halo of Bill Clinton's supposed legacy as a successful president, by today's lowered standards, will not translate to victory for Hillary B. Clinton.

    Democrats, squishy middlecrats, even some affluent, less principled Republicans seem to see the former presidency of Bill Clinton through rose colored glasses of a better time. What they all seem to forget, or can't fathom is that Bill Clinton, with Hillary's co-dependent team play, was fraught with allegations of impropriety, multiple sexual allegations of some merit, patent lying (and while under oath), and multiple scandals. Forgotten by most Americans is that then first lady, Hillary B. Clinton, was at the center of some of the more nefarious scandals and missteps, which almost sunk Bill Clinton's presidency, forcing him to politically triangulate to work with a Republican congress and his arch Republican nemesis, House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

    Even then in 1995, after this 104th Congress was sworn into office, Bill Clinton had the political intuition to lose the liberal shackles of ill considered governing, and embraced the Republican's "Contract with America", written by then Speaker Newt Gingrich- Georgia, and Majority Leader Dick Armey- Texas. That political document would ironically become the nexus of whatever success Bill Clinton experienced as president. Clinton's hard tack to the Center may have saved him from a certain impeachment, when he was convicted for Lying Under Oath, resulting from his deposition during the investigation from one of his first philandering scandals - the Paula Jones Affair. In the realm of "true history", the Monica Lewinsky philandering scandal was just the "in-your-face-icing-on-the-cake" event that pushed that 105th Congress to act to impeach this American president for that felony of Lying Under Oath.

    Through all of these very public scandals, "a woman scorned" Hillary Clinton stoically stood by her man, ironically proclaiming she 'was no Tammy Wynette'. If she was truly the strong, principled Democrat woman of such liberal renown, after these sex scandals: Why would she have allowed herself to become subjugated to the ultra political magnetism of Bill Clinton, as a matter of convenience to bask in his aura, if not for political expedience?

    Remarkably, Hillary B. Clinton is egregiously tone death, not only politically, but in human terms. Hillary B. Clinton's gross errors of "not thinking it through" resulted in such poor judgement, from her: Russian Reset debacle; Benghazi 'despicable video' nonsense; 'At this point What Difference Does it Make' stupidity, which showcased Ms. Benghazi's complete apathy toward that infamous night on September 11, 2012; destruction of public property on the public's server, which she did erroneously claim as her property; Hillary B. is known to political wisdom as Elaine Benes is to dancing like a spastic mule.

    Currently, as Hillary B. begs Americans to trust her with their safety, as 'Leader of the Free World', she finds an increasing reluctance from an American public to do so, as they awaken to discover the true woman behind this Democrat facade. Remember, about half of Americans, and the vast majority of all Democrats still know nothing of the Benghazi / Cover-up Scandal; since most of the Mainstream Media, was working for the Obama re-election effort of 2012, and tossed any remaining vestiges of their journalistic integrity into the putrid pit of Democrat partisanship. It was a disgusting time, and one recognized as such by real Americans /patriots; so much that the partisan liberal media may now refuse to neglect Ms. Benghazi's plaintiff cries, as a means to save some professional face, and may not accept her frequent flow of lies as truth, as they did with the corrupt administration of Hussein Obama.

    Constructively, this is where Hillary B. may have hit a huge snag: With too large of a contingency of the liberal Mainstream Media content to remain as devoted members of the Obama Media Group (OMG), and Barack Hussein, after a decidedly unsuccessful presidency in real terms, now overtly concerned with his legacy to an egregious fault, I do not envision the cavalry rushing headlong to her defense. Still, they are coming, but at a measured meandering pace of their own choosing - just fast enough to show, as partisan Liberals that they still care about a Clinton - just not too much.

    Regardless, at this point with multiple gaffs, misstatements, and still no discernible truth in sight, Hillary B. has little chance to win this election, even if she wins the Democrat nomination. This e-mail /wiped server stupidity is a foul onion that the Democrats and Ms. Benghazi will suffer one peeled layer at a time of this disgusting scandal, with tentacles of embarrassment deep within an overworked paradigm of Democrat privilege and government abuse that is at the core of today's Democrat party.

    And as bad as the political depravity of Hillary B. may serve as a detriment to Liberal hegemony, the possible criminal charges for her: probable future charges of Obstruction of Justice (for destroying the information on that server), Mishandling Classified Information are felonies; especially when such traitorous behavior can be proved to be premeditated, could be disastrous for the Clintons. Forget the lost election, jail would be brutal for a woman of Hillary's stature.

    Hillary B. Clinton's recent admission that 'she didn't think it through' on her premeditated destruction of the public record, while comparing Republicans to Islamist Terrorists, and Hussein has equally done, even though this corrupt president and this former dishonest secretary of state, could never actually name Islamist Terrorists as such, in the context as a national enemy, for over 6 1/2 years now in the Obama administration, is an irony of mammoth proportions.

    This manner of gross, and bitterly stupid, hyperbole may work for low-information Liberals, but will not phase Americans of continuous knowledge, and Americans awakening to find that they have been lied to by: a corrupt partisan president, his scandalous 'fourth estate' liberal media, and an incompetent Hillary B. Clinton, who suffers from delusions of her own invincibility from her unethical and probable illegal behavior. That is the truth of it, so I would suggest to be reticent in accepting Liberal 'talking points' that are becoming more akin to Liberal lies as the heat of realized truth rises amid the escalating crisis of the current Clinton campaign.

    Publisher's note: Just to bring an honest perspective to the Liberal's dishonest talking points that they are now marshaling to their low-information base, for mass dispersal, is the fantasy that all preceding secretaries of state used a personal e-mail to conduct foreign affairs business. This is patently false. It is an inarguable point.

    In this age of e-mail, only one secretary of state, Colin Powell, used a personal email to conduct business; however, state department records suggest that General Powell used his personal e-mail infrequently to do so, but, instead, relied on the state department's secure server. The General deleted his e-mails long ago, when there was no state department law, as it is now, which stipulates all state department business be conducted on the state department's secure server. Furthermore, the General has made all records available to the state department, and is pledged to continue to do so as is needed.

    Also, during the age of e-mail, Democrat Madeline Albright, never used e-mail as correspondence, and more recently, Republican Condoleeza Rice always used the state department's secure server.

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