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Amateur Obama Status: Bullied by Putin, Economy Stalled, Talking Democrat Gibberish

    After about a week (the last week of September, first week of October, 2015) of finding out that firm improvement on the economy is still in question, and the punctuation on the Obama Foreign Policy, its qualitative question answered long ago and firmly in place, this Amateur President is well measured, proving that was once again, it was a bad week for Obama.

    This week, Amateur Obama was well reminded by Russian president Vladimir Putin that there are consequences for the overwhelming weakness of this feckless American president, and that Peace by Surrender really is not a foreign policy option for a freedom loving people. American president Hussein Obama is committed to the idea of peace at all costs, and proved it in 2011 by surrendering the democratic republic of Iraq to Islamist extremists to placate the Liberal /Socialist angst of his new-age Democrat party, and to fulfill a campaign pledge that helped win him not only the Democrat nomination, but also the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009.

    The Nobel Prize awarded to the unproven, but proud peacenik, Obama, made apparent that the Nobel awarding nation of Sweden - a former Communist country, now a Socialist nation - appreciated his continued call to surrender. Sweden's Nobel symbol of peace, through weakness notwithstanding, is an appropriate cloak of cover for Barack Hussein Obama, who has incontrovertibly proven to be possibly the worst American foreign policy president, in modern times, at the absolute worst time in our history as a nation. These truly are perilous times, and the evil of Islamist Extremism is lying dormant, closer than many Americans care to admit.

    The symbol of pacifist Sweden, and their silly Nobel Peace prize, is supreme irony since Sweden knew mostly subjugation in the 20th century. This well pronounced Sweden reference is appropriate because of the immense similarities between the Nobel facade and the Obama pretense to style over substance in regards to providing the defense of America and our allies, who serve as our defense partners, our once co-dependent impregnable chain against the advance of abject evil, strengthened by a mighty resolve. However, for The Amateur, it has always been a question of stylized purpose, and the communication of such; substance be damned. The subjugated Swedes, and their Nobel Peace Prize is no different in quality of purpose.

    Consequently, and in keeping with Obama's manic need for style over substance, his managing of the brie-and-chardonnay-Liberals on the same sinking ship with the Obamaphone-more-free-stuff-then-I-vote-your-ass coalition is a delicate balance, requiring that The Amateur both spend 'other people's money' into a massive deficit (well over 17 trillion at this point), while mismanaging the surrender of Iraq to make certain that a vacuum was created, and ISIS /ISIL (Oh Hell, Obama's 'jayvee team') inherited our leading edge military equipment /ordnance, so that they would have a fighting chance to spread what Obama and his sophistic administration could not name, can not name, will never name - Islamist Extremism.

    Wait ... are you saying that this was Hussein Obama's prime intention?

    Considering how this has consistently played out so well for America's enemy, aided by a perfect storm of ineptitude by America's amateur president, one would be remiss to not at least consider the patriotic motives, or lack-there-of, of Obama.

    Regarding the creation of a vacuum to advance the interests of your enemies, Obama's sophistic foreign policy efforts in the Middle East has also created the fertile Islamist soil, where America's former Communist foe, Russia, can re-engage and gain a toehold in the Middle East, so they can easily begin to exercise their hegemonic ambitions, as a surrendering Hussein Obama retreats into larger Democrat issues: Global Climate Change; Class Warfare of prosperity envy; Surrender of American prestige in military theaters where the war was previously won, Same Sex Marriage; Abortion on Demand; Tragedy of Black men killed by White /Black authority figures while ignoring Black men murdering other Black men in massive numbers; and the supreme irony - oppressive Gun Control as political mission.

    That was 'the week that was' for the Amateur President: Russians tell Obama to back-off in Syria, which he does with his proverbial 'tail between his legs'; the economy is still soft after all these years ("It's still George Bush's fault, right?") with September's anemic Jobs data just reported; a tragic Umpqua Community College shooting in Oregon, in which The Amateur used the immediate tragedy as a political backdrop for advocating strict ('European style') gun control, and without knowing the facts on the ground. About 24 hours later, the facts begin to present themselves ...

    Irrevocably tragic, the Community College was a Gun Free Zone, where the one security officer on campus was armed with only a can of mace. Sadly, America is led by a feckless, nay, imbecilic Amateur president cynically using this sorrowful tragedy as a springboard to play Mr. Liberal President. As the erstwhile college professor, who just had a man named Putin kick sand in his face, preached to all Americans, and the patriots among them, that we need to forgo our 2nd Amendment rights for the sake of Liberal angst.

    Let me proffer this: When the murderous gunman in Oregon asked, "What religion are you?" as a precursor to whether the victims were shot in the head, or the leg: Do you reckon they were happy that they were locked-down in a "Gun Free Zone" with this murderous maniac, or did they wonder just when is that security guard, with that mighty can of mace coming to save their tenuous lives?

    Understandably, this was an atrocious week for Amateur Hussein Obama; but, moreover, as we see the coming apocalypse in the Middle East to the safety of Americans in our schools here at home, we must learn this one truth: Liberal Angst could, can and will get you killed.

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