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Jones Refuses to Cave on Fight Against ObamaCare, Planned Parenthood

News Release:

    Washington, DC     Today, Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC-3) made a statement about voting no on the budget reconciliation bill, H.R. 3762:

    "Once again, the Washington establishment and congressional leadership have teamed up to engineer a show vote on Obamacare and Planned Parenthood that does not repeal Obamacare or permanently defund Planned Parenthood. Instead, this budget reconciliation bill leaves intact some of the worst parts of Obamacare, including the Medicaid expansion and the exchanges, and does not permanently defund Planned Parenthood even though Planned Parenthood receives over half a billion taxpayer dollars a year and profits off the sale of trafficked baby parts," said Congressman Jones. "Enough is enough. The American people want to see Obamacare fully repealed and are disgusted by Planned Parenthood's taxpayer-funded butchery. We must repeal Obamacare and permanently defund Planned Parenthood. This legislation does not do that, which is why I did not vote for it. Fully repealing Obamacare and permanently defunding Planned Parenthood should be policy priorities, not political posturing."

    Congressman Jones voted against Obamacare each time it was considered in the House and has cosponsored countless bills aimed at repealing all or part of the law. Furthermore, he has voted nearly 40 times to repeal and defund this disastrous government takeover. A complete list of Congressman Jones' votes on this issue can be found here.

    Earlier this year, Congressman Jones voted for H.R. 36, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which prevents abortions from being performed after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Congressman Jones is a senior member of the Pro-Life Caucus and has been an unwavering advocate of legislation to protect the rights of the unborn throughout his tenure in Congress. To read more about Congressman Jones' work for the pro-life cause, click here.

    Contact: Maria Jeffrey
      Communications Director

    Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC-3)

     2333 Rayburn House Office Building
     Washington, DC 20515  •  (202) 225-3415

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