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Beaufort County Government's General Meeting Agenda: Tuesday, September 7, 2010.

The Beaufort County Board of County Commissioners Will Meet to Discuss the County's Business

    The Government of Beaufort County meets every month for at least one General Meeting to discuss and act on the county's business. Beaufort County employs the County Manager Form of Government, which stipulates that the board of county commissioners allow the county manager to set the agenda, and bring issues before them.

nbsp;    This meeting is the third meeting after the conclusion of the county's budget process, in which the county that lowered the tax rate to .50 per 100.00 valuation. The most important item to be discussed in the September 7, 2010 general meeting is Commissioner Hood Richardson's discussion of the ongoing situation regarding the Beaufort County Medical Center, and County Attorney Billy Mayo asking for the county commissioners to give the county the authority to close on the purchase of the remaining Medical Authority property. The dire financial situation of the county hospital is the single largest issue that will affect Beaufort County this year, and since the county will soon own all of the property of this medical facility, the county commissioners will have the final say on what will be the ultimate outcome of the Beaufort County Medical Center.

 Beaufort County Board of County Commissioners General Meeting Agenda
         Tuesday, September 7, 2010.
   Beaufort County Administrative Building, Commissioners’ Meeting Room
       121 West Third Street, Washington, North Carolina

5:00 PM: Call To Order, Consideration of Consent Agenda

5:20 PM: Public Comments

5:30 PM: Walter Dorsey, Mid-East Commission
     Workforce Development Director Region Q Workforce Program Directives

5:45 PM: William P Mayo, Beaufort County Attorney
     Resolution Authorizing Staff to Close on Hospital Real Estate. Authorization for Chairman, CFO, and
       Clerk to Sign Closing Documents.
    Authorization for County Manager to Certify the County Will Not Borrow More than $30 Million
       Authorization for Incumbency and Authorization Certificate.

6:00 PM: Commissioner Robert Cayton
    Resolution for Funding an Economic Impact Study for US Highway 17 (Four Lane Corridor)

6:15 PM: Break

7:00 PM: Public Hearing FY 2010 CDBG Program Funds
     Reed Whitesell, Holland Consulting Planners, Inc.

7:15 PM: Public Hearing Application for CDBG Economic Recovery Funds
     Reed Whitesell, Holland Consulting Planners, Inc.

7:25 PM: Paul Spruill, County Manager
    Language Access Plan (for CDBG Projects)

7:30 PM: Commissioner Hood Richardson
     Beaufort County Hospital Update
     Report Regarding Beaufort County Hospital Audit
     ABC Legislation (HB 1717/SB 1112)

7:45 PM: County Manager Reports

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