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FACTSHEET: Streamlining State​ Government

Press Release:

Leaving things better than we found them.

  • My budget incorporates initiatives from the North Carolina Government Efficiency and Reform program (NC GEAR) that will save more than $14 million in year one and more than $57 million in year two of the biennium, with a savings over ten years conservatively estimated at more than $615 million in present value.
    • Makes state government easier for business and citizens to navigate, maximizes the efficiency of state property, improves the transparency of our budgeting process, privatizes the state motor pool, and develops an electronic death records system, among other initiatives.
  • Allocates $30 million for technology and equipment to continue to improve service at the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).
  • Reduces future workers' compensation costs through a consolidated reporting relationship and an overall improvement in case management to protect against fraud and abuse.
  • Promotes better customer service, increased revenue and more consistent oversight of state attractions by shifting the management of the North Carolina Zoo and state aquariums, museums and state parks from the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources to the Department of Cultural Resources, which manages attractions as part of its mission.
  • Reorganizes the Department of Administration by moving advocacy groups to the Governor's Office.
  • The state has 40 data centers with more than 1,000 different computer systems. This budget streamlines state information technology operations, making them more accountable and coordinated by creating a Department of Information Technology.
  • Proposes $10 million in year one and $72 million in year two for salary exceptions, which will be used to attract and retain employees in hard-to-fill positions such as engineering and information technology.
  • Continues to fund longevity pay for nearly 40,000 state employees.

  • Contact: Crystal Feldman

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