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Belhaven Mayor Walks to Washington Again

    On June 1 at 8:30 AM the Mayor of Belhaven, Adam O'Neal will begin his second walk to Washington, DC. There will be a short ceremony beginning at 9:00 AM at the Wynn's Gut Park on the water front in Belhaven before the walk begins.

    O'Neal is making this walk to support efforts of reopen the hospital in Belhaven that was closed by Vidant also known as University Health Systems and to call attention to the plight of rural hospitals all over America. Enough money has been donated to pay a major part of the expenses of those who are walking less the cost of food.

    Volunteer walkers are coming to Belhaven from at least 12 states, as far away as Washington State. All states have been invited to send representatives to walk. Some states are sending representatives to participate in the rally to be held in Washington, DC at the end of the walk. Mayor O'Neal says there may be as many as 40 states represented either during he march or at the end of the march. The rally to be held on June 15 on the Capitol lawn at 10:00 AM in Washington, DC.

    States participating in the 283 mile march are Texas, Florida, West Virginia, New York, Washington Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, Virginia, North Carolina and Alabama.

    O'Neal would like to have all 50 states represented in this effort. He says that would truly be a national participation. Because of this goal, surrogate representatives of states are invited to come to Belhaven at 8:30 AM on Monday June 1 to walk the first mile. If you live in this area and are native of another state, you may represent your state by walking only the first mile. You may also represent a state that is not able to send a representative. Call 252-943-3055 for additional information and to order your T-shirt. If you want a T-shirt, the cost is $15.00. A T-shirt is not required to represent a state by walking. More than one representative may represent a state. For a lot more information go to:

    The Washington, DC rally is expected to be covered by several of the national news media. A few national celebrities and political figures have agreed to speak. Among them are Peter of Peter, Paul and Mary fame and some members of the national House of Representatives and Senate.

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